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Poole Alumna ’20 Applies Economics Background at Howard University Law School

After hearing her aunt’s experiences growing up, Nandi Bryan began her pursuit of a law degree – her first step was earning a Bachelor of Arts in economics and international studies from Poole College in 2020. During her research in high school, Bryan found that economics was a helpful degree as it utilizes the critical thinking necessary for a career in law.

On the Pursuit

Bryan was an Alexander Hamilton scholar which allowed her to pursue two degrees at Poole College and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as study abroad in Valencia, Spain. She was heavily involved in Pre-Law Students Association at NC State where she attended the Law School Fair, learned more about the LSAT, and attended numerous law school panels and events. 

Nandi Bryan during her study abroad trip to Spain

“While completing my undergraduate degree, my economics professors consistently challenged me to understand complex ideas and issues, articulate arguments for and against economic and international policies, utilize logic and critical thinking, and expand my worldview,” said Bryan. “This type of thought process has served me well in law school as it is similar to what my current law professors expect from me when I am participating in class and writing for exams.”

A New Learning Environment

As a North Carolina native, it was difficult for Bryan to adapt to attending classes in Washington D.C. as she was comfortable attending school in Raleigh with friends and family close by. As she has become more adjusted, Bryan has taken the opportunity to visit various museums, explore different neighborhoods and try out new coffee shops.

“I am glad to be surrounded by my peers who are passionate about law and I am eager to learn more about the legal profession,” said Bryan. “I enjoy what I am learning and find it to be applicable to my everyday life and I like my professors who have been helpful, passionate and insightful. It definitely confirms that I made the right choice.”

Nandi and fellow students on the steps of the Court of Carolinas

A Future in Law and Economics

After graduating from Howard University, Bryan would like to practice corporate law working for either a company or law firm. She also hopes to get a Masters in Economics one day as she enjoys and misses the subject matter.

“I am looking forward to staying in touch with the NC State and Poole College professors that have been so helpful and supportive in regard to my law school journey,” said Bryan. “I am excited to attend alumni events in the future and hopefully a few homecoming games.”