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Jenkins MBA

Jenkins MBA Goes Virtual for Raleigh Residency

From June 15 to June 20, the Jenkins MBA program held its Raleigh Residency Program for current professional and online students. This program requirement allows students the opportunity to take an MBA class in the span of three days as well as connect them with classmates. 

Monday through Wednesday was dedicated to Raleigh Residency I which engages students in exercises and activities to learn their strengths, allows them to meet with advisors, explore team management and partake in simulations on team management. The second half of the week was for Raleigh Residency II which features faculty-led discussions on managing people decision-making and empowerment, and leading teams and global team leadership.

Jenkins MBA student Jasmin Peterson-Hassan during her Instagram take-over during the virtual Raleigh Residency.

“I was really impressed with the online format,” said Brittany Lloyd, a Jenkins MBA student. “The breakout sessions gave plenty of opportunity to meet other students, connect and learn from them. I even had time after finishing the assignments and continue to discuss classes and the program with my team. Faculty members were available throughout the day and they even stayed online during breaks to answer questions about the material or the program.”

Raleigh Residency II covered MBA 532, Leading People 2, with workshops and classes taught by Beth Ritter, professor of practice of human resource management; Roger Mayer, professor of leadership; and Bradley Kirkman, professor of leadership. Students were expected to come prepared with assigned readings and assessments and were also given advising opportunities. 

“The three days for both residencies are very intense from an information perspective,” said Lloyd. “Going into each session with an open mind will help you get the most out of your time. There is a lot of self-reflection which always helps you learn and grow if you are open to it.”