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A Fresh Start for Nelson Hall and the Poole Community

Throughout summer 2021 Nelson Hall has undergone renovations to promote a more efficient learning environment and sense of community for Poole faculty, staff and students. 

Like many, NC State Poole College of Management needed to hit refresh after more than a year in the primarily virtual learning environment. The college underwent renovations on all three floors of Nelson Hall including classrooms, lounges, offices, restrooms and outdoor spaces.

Along with the physical spaces, Poole College upgraded the technology throughout the classrooms in Nelson Hall to enhance the learning and teaching experience for students and faculty.

“The renovations at Nelson Hall will hopefully create pride in Nelson Hall facilities among Poole faculty, staff and students as well as allow the faculty and staff the ability to provide the best learning experience possible for our students,” said Jonathan Hennessy, operations manager. “It is our goal that Poole students receive a premier education and the facilities and technology that are provided to faculty, staff and students are key to attaining and exceeding that goal.”

It is our goal that Poole students receive a premier education and the facilities and technology that are provided to faculty, staff and students are key to attaining and exceeding that goal.

“We were able to perform these renovations due to surplus faculty and staff travel funding for the previous fiscal year. We knew it was critical to use this funding to enhance the student experience at Nelson Hall. We think these renovations and updates will do just that!”

Nelson 2150 was redesigned to be a more welcoming space for the Poole Community.

The Office of Undergraduate Programs

The suite located in Nelson 2150 received a facelift with new carpeting and furniture during the summer. The front desk and lounge seating upgrades were made to be a destination where visitors and Poole community members alike can receive a friendly welcome and helpful support according to Tedd Szeto, assistant dean for undergraduate programs. 

“We, in the Office of Undergraduate Programs, are excited to welcome students back in person this fall,” said Szeto. “The hope is to create a more welcoming and accessible environment, while maintaining the professionalism of a business school.” 

The Office of Undergraduate Programs suite is located prominently at the front entrance of Nelson Hall. 

Nelson Hall classrooms received new carpeting and seating.
Faculty will have new technology provided by ClassTech to enhance the learning environment.
Poole IT will provide weekly technology checks to upgraded Nelson Hall classrooms.

Classroom Redesign

Over the summer, NC State upgraded classrooms with new carpeting, seating and desks for students in preparation for the in-person fall semester.

In addition to the physical updates, ClassTech partnered with Poole College to redesign the classroom technology in 11 classrooms so far. These upgrades will streamline support needs and ensure that the user experience is consistent regardless of where faculty are scheduled to lecture.

Franklin Finch, director of information technology (IT), has established support responses, weekly technology checks and a faculty orientation where he will walk through technology changes in the classrooms.  

The Instruction Design Group Suite in Nelson 1307.
The updates promote collaboration between the IDG and faculty.
A combination of lounge and work space in the IDG suite.

The Instructional Design Space

The Instructional Design Group (IDG) at Poole College integrates technology units, internal staff and expert knowledge to create an instructional design for a blended training and learning environment. The team consists of Beth Shepherd, director of instructional design, and Heidi Echols, instructional designer.  

Lounge furniture, desk chairs, a collaborative space and a screen for sharing presentations were added to the Instructional Design suite in Nelson 1307. 

“The Instructional Design Group is excited to have a new dedicated space for collaborating with faculty, located in the Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) faculty suite,” said Shepherd. “IDG designed our forward-thinking consultation area to host in-person and virtual consultations with individual and small groups of faculty.”

“We are thankful for all of the support we received to create the space, especially from Jonathan Hennessy from OBS and the Poole IT group. We will be hosting a ‘grand opening’ in September.”

New outdoor seating located in the Nelson Hall East Courtyard

Outdoor Seating

Poole College has added outdoor seating options for students, faculty and staff to enjoy Nelson Hall’s East Courtyard during days with great weather. Tables range from two-person tables to four-person tables with an umbrella to provide shade on sunny days. 

This outdoor area provides students with a safe, collaborative environment with the COVID protocols during the fall semester.