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Startup Stories: Jared Plummer ’05 ’07, Two Roosters Ice Cream

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Jared Plummer, founder of Two Roosters Ice Cream, joins Lewis Sheats, assistant vice provost of entrepreneurship, for the first episode of Startup Stories, a series that takes a look into businesses created by entrepreneurs, including NC State alumni. Plummer was a practicing certified public accountant (CPA) for eight years before he discovered his passion for ice cream.

“In studying accounting I had this base of language of how to read a profit and loss statement and knowing what depreciation meant,” said Plummer. “To be able to take that base knowledge into a business whether it is ice cream or what have you, it provides an incredible foundation to work with.”

Plummer received his Bachelor of Science in accounting and business from Poole College in 2005 and a Master of Accounting in 2007.

Watch the video to learn more about Jared Plummer and Two Roosters Ice Cream.