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Mar 21, 2022

Busting Three Myths About Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has gained significant momentum in recent years, and demand for ERM professionals is on the rise. Still, there are a handful of myths and misconceptions causing hesitation. 

Mar 16, 2022

So You’ve Got a Lot of Data…Now What?

Data supports innovation, problem solving and strategic decision-making, and clears the way for better, more effective marketing. And the best part? Businesses of every kind and size can tap into its power through analytics.

risk management emerging trends

Mar 7, 2022

Three Emerging Trends in Risk Management

Across business and industry, a handful of emerging ERM trends are transforming the way entities approach risk.

Feb 22, 2022

Chrome, Cookies and Click Fraud

Google is ditching third-party cookies in 2023. What will be the impact on digital advertising and consumer privacy? BAI executive director Bill Rand weighs in.

Feb 14, 2022

The Role of Risk Management in Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability and risk management are both on the rise, and the tools used to execute the latter can be used to inform and support sustainability efforts.

Feb 10, 2022

Salaries Surge for Risk Management Professionals

According to the RIMS 2021 Compensation Survey, risk professionals across the United States – of all levels and responsibilities – saw an average 14.4% increase in base salary in 2021 compared to 2019. In 2021, the median annual base salary for these practitioners climbed to $135,000 – up from $118,000 in 2019.

Feb 2, 2022

How Big Data Can Bolster Your Company’s Risk Management

With so much data available in today’s world, learning to leverage it to make informed decisions is becoming increasingly important for managing risk within organizations.

the image contains three photographs: on the left is a sliced avocado; in the center is a collection of clothing in a store; on the right is a well-organized collection of tableware

Jan 19, 2022

Study IDs Visual Characteristics That Make People ‘Like’ Images on Instagram

The visual complexity of images has a significant effect on whether viewers engage with a social media post.

risk appetite

Jan 4, 2022

Risk Appetite: What Is It and How Much Should You Have?

Mark Beasley, executive director of NC State’s Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, explains the concept of risk appetite and how different types of organizations should approach their openness to risk.

Dec 13, 2021

What is Marketing Analytics? Q+A with Bill Rand on Career Opportunities and More

Poole College of Management professor Bill Rand describes marketing analytics as making data-driven decisions — any question that a marketing manager has to answer can be tied to data. Learn about career opportunities in this field.