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Research Impact: Jeffrey Stonebraker

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Good business relies on effective decision-making and problem-solving as much as profit generation and sales.

Jeffrey Stonebraker, associate professor of operations and supply chain management at NC State Poole College of Management, examines those vital subjects through his research in decision analytics.

“Every business that I’ve worked with in the past had had uncertainty in their problems because they’re making decisions now and they’re looking at the impact of what happens in the future to their business decision,” Stonebraker said.

In September 2019, Stonebraker co-authored a study on hemophilia, “Establishing the Prevalence and Prevalence at Birth of Hemophilia in Males: A Meta-analytic Approach Using National Registries,” which was originally published in Hemophilia News Today. Most recently, he published a journal article, “Test‐retest properties of the Patient Reported Outcomes, Burdens and Experiences (PROBE) questionnaire and its constituent domains,” in Haemophilia.

The Poole College of Management Research Impact Series showcases the research that faculty are conducting and its applicability to business professionals.