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Research Impact: Nathan Goldman

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Nathan Goldman, assistant professor of accounting at Poole College of Management, explains his research in the area of corporate taxation and its impact on business and accounting professionals.

Goldman joined Poole College of Management in the 2019 fall semester and primarily teaches courses in the Master of Accounting (MAC) program. 

One of Goldman’s recent papers looks at the effects U.S. tax laws have on corporations and the ways in which corporations try to lessen their tax burdens by locating employees in foreign jurisdictions and, in turn, the effect those activities have on the U.S. tax system and code. 

“People generally want to know and understand what is causing companies to act in certain ways,” Goldman said, “and why are these tax laws in place, and some of our research can help provide a better understanding of that.”

Goldman’s research has been published in renowned journals, such as The Accounting Review and the Journal of the American Taxation Association.

The Poole College of Management Research Impact Series showcases the research that faculty are conducting and its applicability to business professionals.