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There’s an ‘I’ in Team: Why 3D Team Leadership is Necessary in Uncertain Times

Bradley Kirkman, General (Ret.) H. Hugh Shelton distinguished professor of leadership and department head of the department of management, innovation and entrepreneurship, recently interviewed with Brad Harris, associate professor of management and leadership at Texas Christian University and co-author of the book, “3D Team Leadership: A New Approach for Complex Teams”. Kirkman’s research focuses on leadership, international management, virtual teams, and work team leadership and empowerment. In his discussion, he offered insight on the difference between teams and groups, and how understanding the dynamics of the two can positively impact working environments.  

Kirkman also assesses the dynamics of team interactions and outlines the benefits of adopting a multidimensional, 3D leadership style. From the perspective of a leader, an individual, team and sub team each require specific energy and attention. 

Kirkman stressed, “A team isn’t one thing – it’s three things. If you’re going to be an effective leader, you should be able to lead each of those three dimensions equally well”. 

Watch the entire interview here.