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two businessmen in a high-rise office look at a laptop screen and laugh

Jul 12, 2021

Tax Havens Can Have Hidden Costs for Corporations

Companies incorporate in tax havens to improve their bottom lines, but investors are leery of the risks.

Jun 9, 2021

Are the Ultra-Wealthy Avoiding Income Taxes?

In this Poole Thought Leadership article, accounting professors Nathan Goldman, Christina Lewellen and Andrew Schmidt discuss the article and provide context to its findings.


Mar 11, 2021

Biden Announces A New Round of COVID-19 Stimulus Payments

By Nathan C. Goldman and Christina M. Lewellen With President Biden signing the latest COVID-19 stimulus package into law in mid-March of 2021, the topic of direct payments to taxpayers – also known as stimulus payments – are once again at the forefront of many people’s minds.  In a previous Poole Thought Leadership article, assistant…


Feb 15, 2021

Behind Bitcoin – A Closer Look at the Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency

Nathan Goldman and Christina Lewellen discuss important questions potential Bitcoin investors or users may face.

Robinhood app on phone with white financial stock chart with price rising upward positive in background

Feb 1, 2021

Robinhood and the Rise of Day Trading: What does it mean on your income taxes?

Poole College of Management accounting professors Nathan C. Goldman and Christina M. Lewellen offer guidelines and suggestions for those trying to understand the tax implications of these market fluctuations.

Accounting papers

Sep 23, 2020

Taxation and Representation: How a Biden Presidency Could Affect Federal Income Taxes

With the 2020 presidential election right around the corner, our accounting faculty identify and discuss the key provisions of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s tax plan.