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Awards & Recognitions

Poole College Celebrates Awards for Excellence 2020 Nominees and Winners

The NC State Awards for Excellence is one of the most prestigious honors given to non-faculty employees nominated in the following categories: customer service, efficiency and innovation, human relations, outstanding state government service, public service, safety and heroism, and the spirit of North Carolina. Poole College of Management is proud to recognize the accomplishments of our nominees and two recipients. 

“I am beyond proud of the Poole College nominees for this year’s University’s Awards for Excellence program,” said Frank Buckless, Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Dean of Poole College. “Each of these individuals exemplify the NC State think and do spirit. I appreciate their dedicated service which makes our college community truly a special place.”

Award for Excellence Recipients

Robert Sandruck, director of global programs

Years of Service: 9

Nomination Quote: “Rob Sandruck has been an asset to NC State and the Poole College of Management since he arrived on campus nearly ten years ago! If you’ve worked with him, you’ve likely heard Rob end conversations and presentations with his tag line ‘Go Global!’ His customer service and innovation as he’s responses to the first 10 weeks of 2020 have exemplified his commitment to the international education of our Poole students and community – even when there is a literal pandemic going on around us.”

Terry K. Price, student records and academic programs coordinator 

Years of Service: 23

Nomination Quote: “Her positive impact extends far beyond the work that she does and the people that she interacts with here on campus. One of her colleagues in our office calls her the conscience of the office because of how focused she is on thinking about others and doing things for those who need help. She is attentive to and focused on the world beyond NC State and reminds us (by example) to pay attention as well. I don’t know many people who devote as much time and energy to community service as Terry does and I don’t know how she manages it all and still is at work every day. She probably volunteers for more hours in a week than everyone else in our office combined.”

Award for Excellence Nominees

Beth Shepherd, online program manager

Years of Service: 12 

Nomination Quote: “This past week I have been encouraged to be a part of the Poole community as I’ve seen Beth help so many of our staff and faculty respond to the coronavirus news as they explore online tools to maintain quality instruction and service our students. Thank you, Beth!”

Jenny Hammond, chief marketing and communications officer

Years of Service: 3

Nomination Quote: “With the recent outbreak of coronavirus, Jenny has gone above and beyond to foster communications within the school and to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff are informed. During the early weeks of March, Jenny often worked 15 hour days developing communications to connect different stakeholders within the college, while also ensuring that everyone across the college was aware of efforts and decisions being made across the university. During a time of extreme uncertainty, Jenny has proven to be a reliable source of thoughtful, intentional and strategically-focused solutions, and one of the key people to ensure as calm a transition to remote classes as possible for our students and faculty. She has also tackled this time with a sense of humor and grace which undoubtedly helped the executive team stay focused, collaborative and in good spirits!”

Kimberly Whitfield, executive assistant to the dean

Years of Service: 2

Nomination Quote: “It is a pleasure to start each work day with a colleague that welcomes you with a smile. Kimberly comes to work each day with a positive attitude and is always looking for ways that she can assist others. I appreciate Kimberly’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment that brings out the best in all of us. Kimberly is always looking for ways to recognize and celebrate the many positive activities of her colleagues.”

Susan Ebbs, CRM program manager

Years of Service: 5

Nomination Quote: “In order to become more efficient in our processes, the MBA program admissions team began the significant work of changing CRM platforms last year, which has taken considerable time and effort. Throughout this process, Susan was relied upon by everyone for her expertise, attention to detail, and can-do attitude. Susan spent countless hours making our new platform viable and equipping the team with the needed knowledge. Not only that–if a team member ever mentions a wishlist item for increased efficiency, Susan finds a way to make it happen.”

Tayah Butler, director of diversity and inclusion

Years of Service: 4

Nomination Quote: “Where do I begin? Tayah Butler gets things done. Need help brainstorming for bold goals or thinking strategically about big messy challenges? – Go to Tayah.Need help digging into the details to get an idea off the ground and out to the people? – Go to Tayah. There are many examples of how Tayah Butler embodies the ‘Think and Do’ spirit of NC State, but this week I’ve seen a tangible example of the way she has pivoted despite the unexpected.”