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Mark Beasley Provides Insight on the Current State of Risk Management

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Mark Beasley, professor of accounting, joined the Journal of Accountancy podcast to discuss the 2022 annual report on the state of risk oversight and what organizations must prioritize when assessing their enterprise risk management (ERM) practices. This year’s report is the 13th edition of the study and includes 560 respondent organizations from a diverse set of industries.

“The focus of the study is really trying to get a sense from business leaders. This would be people in the C-suite management-level positions that are responding to get a sense for what they’re doing in their organizations, to manage the complex web of risk for their organization,” said Beasley. “One of the things that we heard is, if I can get people together talking about risk from multiple lenses across the enterprise, we’re going to go a long way. That’s going to help us a lot.”

Listen to the entire podcast on the Journal of Accountancy and read more on RM Magazine.