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Tayah Butler and Maggie Merry Reveal the Innovative Power of Inclusion


The AACSB’s 2022 Innovations that Inspire initiative features business schools across the globe that are change-makers in the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) space. This year’s report emphasizes the undeniable connection between diversity and innovation and defines what it means to be a champion of diversity.

Poole College was highlighted for its commitment to developing culturally competent employees through the Poole Pack Development Series. Tayah Butler, assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion, and Maggie Merry, assistant dean of finance and administration, joined the Innovations that Inspire video series to share how institutions and business leaders can innovate for inclusion.

“The most authentic way to show the values for diversity, inclusion or belonging is to role model them,” said Butler. “The more we focus on equity and access, the more we are going to be compelled to innovate new ways to provide educational services, work together and educate new business leaders.”

Read more about the business schools that are making waves in the world of DEIB on AACSB and view the Innovations that Inspire video series below.