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Steve Allen

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Jul 11, 2024

Shifts in Customer Habits Reshape the Raleigh Restaurant Scene

Poole College Economics Professor Steve Allen also pointed out that while several restaurants have closed this year, the industry is constantly changing, and more restaurants are opening.

Jul 11, 2024

Steve Allen Discusses Wake County Restaurant Closures

Poole College Economics Professor Steve Allen joined Jeff Hamlin on the WPTF Afternoon News to explain that some businesses are still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. He noted a sharp decrease in restaurant workers and other factors contributing to these closures.

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Jun 27, 2024

Steve Allen Explains Why Apple Paused Plans For RTP Campus

Poole College Economics Professor Steve Allen pointed to the general trend in the tech industry which saw major hiring in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pattern which has largely dissipated.


May 24, 2024

Target Price Cut Eases the Pinch on Consumers

In an interview with WRAL-TV, Poole College economist Steven Allen suggested Target’s price rollback is a response to customer frustration.

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May 4, 2024

Steve Allen Explains Why N.C. Voters Are ‘Sour’ on Economy Despite Solid Financial Standing

Allen cites two drivers for the conundrum: partisanship and uneasiness about the future.

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Mar 11, 2024

Economist Steve Allen Responds to Biden’s State of the Union Address

Allen weighs in on the potential impact of Biden's proposed "billionaire's tax," as well as other economic issues highlighted in the address.