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2024-2025 PhD Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to present our current job market candidates. As a group, they have much experience in presenting and publishing their research and in teaching.

Please feel free to review each candidate’s personal webpage by clicking on the link below. You may contact the candidates directly via email, or contact the Graduate Economics Program Director for more information about the candidates.

NameJob Market Paper TitleWebsiteFieldsAdvisor(s)
Kyoungin ChoeThe Informational Role of Trading Volume in Thinly Traded Options MarketsVisit WebsiteAgricultural EconomicsBarry Goodwin
Yue ShanThe Unexamined Effects of China’s Belt and Road FDI for Recipient CountriesVisit Website
International Trade and Agricultural Economics
Heidi Schweizer,
Kathryn Boys
Qiwen ShengPublic Communication as a Mechanism for Collusion in the Broiler IndustryVisit WebsiteIndustrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Health EconomicsTomislav Vukina
De Fen HsuIntervention in Networks- Evaluating Positive Youth Development Programs in the U.SVisit WebsiteMicro Theory, Labor EconomicsThayer Morrill, Melinda Morrill
Austin HooeInternational Sanctions, Diversion, and Friendshoring: Evidence from Foreign InvestmentsInternational Economics and FinanceIvan Kandilov, Mark Walker
Allyson Emblom-HooeThe Effect of Correctional and Rehabilitation Facilities on Property ValuesEnvironmental and Urban EconomicsSpencer Banzhaf