Program Ambassadors

Would you like to speak with a current student in our graduate economics program?  Feel free to contact any of the program’s graduate student ambassadors to learn about their experience in the program. 


PhD Ambassadors

Siyan Liu 

Siyan Liu is a third year PhD student from Beijing, China. I got an MA in economics from Vanderbilt University and a BBA from The University of Hong Kong. My research interests are labor and development economics, especially field experiments and education-related topics. I am currently working as an RA on a student reassignment project for Wake County Public School System, which has been a rewarding working and learning experience. After graduation I hope to become a researcher at international institutions organizing and evaluating development projects.


Mike Jones 

Mike Jones is a fourth year doctoral student in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Tallahassee, Florida.  He has a master's degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University and undergraduate degrees in Food and Resource Economics and Political Science from the University of Florida.  Currently working through NC State's Center for Genetic Engineering and Society, Mike's interests include post-harvest crop management and how new forms of biotechnology may impact agricultural production and markets.  His past research has led to collaborations in South America, Eastern and Southern Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.  After graduation he hopes to enter academia or work internationally through institutions dedicated to agricultural or economic development.


Masters Ambassadors

Zack Small

Zack Small is a second year student in the Master's program from Greensboro, NC. I received my B.S. in Economics from NC State University, during which I was enrolled in the accelerated Bachelor's/Master's program. I plan to graduate by Spring 2018. My work experience is in the financial services industry. I have worked during the past two summers at Bank of America doing risk management and analysis within the Country Risk and Markets spaces. Locally, in Raleigh, I also provide GIS assistance to the local Habitat for Humanity of Wake County chapter. My economic interests include international economics and econometrics. After graduating, I plan to pursue further education, continue my career in financial services, or pursue a career in business analytics.