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Recent Placements

The NC State Graduate Economics program has a long history of preparing students for careers in academia, government and the private sector. The program has over 40 graduate faculty members, from both the Department of Economics in the Poole College of Management and the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Their areas of expertise include

  • Agricultural economics
  • Development and Labor economics
  • Econometrics
  • Environmental and resource economics
  • International economics
  • Macro-monetary economics
  • Microeconomic theory and Industrial organization

Given the program's strong empirical focus, our alumni have excelled not only in academia and government, but also in the corporate world with many of our graduates entering applied research divisions of the private sector.



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Alexandra Naumenko  James Madison University Assistant Professor von Haefen


Nino AbashidzeGeorgia Tech Post DocTaylorEnvironmental



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Alex Gill St. Lawrence University Visiting Assistant Professor Pearce/Traum Macro
Kelly Nelson USDA-AMS Z. Brown Energy
Jin Qin College of William and Mary Lecturer Kandilov/von Haefen Trade
Kole Swanser AgRAEIS Thurman Agricultural
Tiezheng Song 5/3 Bank Traum Macro
Huachen Li Kenyon College Assistant Professor Nason Macro
Wenhao Cui Beihang University Assistant Professor Pelletier Econometrics
Jiao Tu Pentagon Federal Credit Union Kandilov Trade
Sungkwol Park Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance Zheng/Rejesus Agricultural
Seyyed Ali Zeytoon Nejad Moosavian Wake Forest University Visiting Instructor Goodwin Agricultural
Laura Villegas World Resource Institute Taylor Environmental
Yu Wu UNC-Carolina Population Center Postdoc Sills Development
Jiaqi Qi Taiping Assets Management Zheng Agricultural
Song Nyeon Kim Korean Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade Kandilov Trade



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Moon Joon Kim Duke Kunshan University Visiting Assistant Professor Thurman and von Haefen Environmental
Christelle Khalaf Ohio University-Athens Economic Development Specialist M. Morrill Labor
Yang Wang 5/3 bank Goodwin and Ghosh Agricultural
Parker Sheppard Heritage Foundation Nason Macro
Scott Callahan Appalachian State University Visiting Assistant Professor Goodwin Agricultural
Zhiyi Xu Bates and White Hammond IO
Aditi Pathak American Institutes for Research M. Morrill Labor
Shenan Wu Pentagon Federal Credit Union Goodwin Agricultural
Ziyi Mai BB&T Traum Macro
Lee Parton Boise State University Assistant Professor Thurman and von Haefen Environmental
Feifei Liang South China Agricultural University Assistant Professor Zheng IO
Hyeongyul Roh Duke University Postdoc Fell Environmental
Longzhong Shi Huazhong Agricultural University Assistant Professor von Haefen Environmental
Sekar Setiastuti Universitas Gadjah Mada Assistant Professor Traum Macro



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Ford Ramsey Virginia Tech Assistant Professor Goodwin Agricultural
Lawson Connor Ohio State University Post-doc Z. Brown and Rejesus Agricultural
Jonathan Phillips North Carolina State University Senior Lecturer Goodwin Agricultural
Ji Shen SAS Pelletier Econometrics
Kelsey Hample Furman University Assistant Professor Hammond Experimental
Christopher Giguere Appalachian State University Visiting Assistant Professor von Haefen Environmental
Sanghyun Kim Korea Rural Economic Institute Kandilov Trade
Fabio Gaetano Santeramo University of Foggia Assistant Professor Goodwin Agricultural
Xuetao Song Tian Feng Securities Corp. Kandilov and Pearce Macro
Xuan Chi Citi Bank Goodwin Agricultural 



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Mansur Ahmed World Bank Goodwin Agricultural
Juan He Huazhong Agricultural University Associate Professor Zheng and Rejesus IO
Chi Chun Steve Tsang North Carolina State University Post-doc Thurman Agricultural
Marjan Orang Gilbarco Veeder-Root Inc Kandilov Trade
Robert Dinterman Ohio State University Post-doc Renkow Development
Qifeng Weng Wells Fargo Pelletier Econometrics
Haoshi Yang Citizens Bank Thurman Agricultural
Marwa Salem RTI International von Haefen Environmental
Alimamy Kamara Duke University Teaching Fellow Goodwin and Kandilov Trade
Irina Pritchett BBVA Compass Bank Goodwin Labor
Amanda Clayton Walsh RTI International M. Morrill and Thurman Development
Dawn Marie Clay USDA-ERS Wohlgenant Agricultural
Chotima Pornsawang Prince of Songkla University Assistant Professor Rejesus Development
Jeonghoi Heo Korea Rural Economic Institute Wohlgenant Agricultural
Steven Dundas Oregon State University Assistant Professor von Haefen Environmental
Junwen Wang Discover Kandilov Trade



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Moonhee Cho Korea Institute for International Economic Policy  Zheng and Kandilov Econometrics
Aymard Kassi BB&T Pelletier Econometrics
Andres Riquelme University of Talca Assistant Professor Caner Econometrics
Dallas Wood RTI International Thurman Environmental
Xiaojie Xu BB&T Thurman Agricultural
Tsung Yu Yang Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Assistant Professor Kandilov Trade
Huijie Yu KPMG Zheng and Hammond IO
Selin Guney Texas State University Assistant Professor Goodwin Trade
Jonathan Eyer University of Southern California-Postdoc Taylor and Sexton Environmental
Yan Zheng JP Morgan Chase Vukina IO



Student Placement Advisor Primary Field
Ashley Hungerford USDA-ERS Goodwin and Ghosh Econometrics
Lu Jin STATA Inoue Econometrics
Zhen Wang Brattle Group Vukina IO
Youngjin Choi Temple University Teaching Assistant Professor Pearce and Traum Macro
Julia Borman AIR Worldwide Goodwin Econometrics
Stephanie Riche USDA-ERS Goodwin and Kandilov Econometrics
Xiaoyan Tang Guizhou University of Finance and Economics Assistant Professor Pearce Macro
Boris Zhukov Ball State University Assistant Professor von Haefen Applied Micro
Majid Al-Saggaf Financial Services in Saudi Arabia Pelletier Finance
Xingyi Puckett Optimal Solutions Taylor Environmental
Xuan Chen University of Maine Assistant Professor Goodwin Agricultural