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Health Insurance

Teaching and Research Assistants and Fellows who are funded through the Graduate Student Support Plan receive health insurance benefits as part of that plan.

For graduate students not supported by the GSSP, health insurance is available through the UNC system schools consortium health plan. In August 2009, the UNC Board of Governors approved the implementation of a “hard waiver” student health insurance requirement on all sixteen 4-year campuses beginning in fall 2010. The term “hard waiver” means any student meeting three specific criteria is required to show evidence of an existing “creditable coverage” health insurance policy OR enroll in the UNC system-wide plan. This UNC system-wide plan is administered by Pearce and Pearce, with insurance provided through Chartis (formerly part of AIG). NC State graduate assistants and fellows funded through the GSSP are not part of this consortium plan. Please see the Student Health website for more information about the health insurance requirement and current plan.