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Career Resources

The NC State's Jenkins Graduate Economics Program helps graduating master’s degree and doctoral students launch their careers by providing a Job Candidates website for potential employers.


Employers may review the curriculum vitae of each candidate and either contact the candidate directly or contact the Graduate Economics Programs Office. Those interested in hiring our graduates may also forward position openings directly to the Program Director.

Students interested in academic positions

If you have completed your preliminary oral exam and anticipate having a job market paper completed by October, please contact Melinda Morrill to review the steps for Job Market preparation. Please include with your email message your current CV, including your research interests, areas of specialization, dissertation title, committee composition and anticipated date of completion.

Students interested in private sector employment

Graduate students interested in private sector or government positions are also encouraged to contact Melinda Morrill. He is available to help you sort through your career goals and identify resources you can use as you work on your job search.

You are encouraged to contact him when you are ready to start using the University’s ePack system and its employment opportunities database. These will be valuable resources for you when you start looking for part-time jobs or internships, or private-sector full-time employment. The first step in using this system is to prepare a resume and have it reviewed. Contact Melinda Morrill to schedule an appointment.

Good luck in your job search, and don’t forget to contact the department when you have secured employment.