PhD Fields

Currently, the following PhD field courses are offered: 

Field Courses Faculty
Agricultural Economics

ECG 741: Agricultural Production and Supply 

ECG 742: Consumption, Demand and Market Interdependency

Beghin; Boys; B. Brown; Z. Brown; Goodwin; Kandilov; Piggott; Rejesus; Renkow; Thurman; Vukina; Wohlgenant; Zering; Zheng
Development Economics

ECG 740: Economic Growth and Development

ECG 790: Empirical Methods in Development Economics and Applied Micro

Z. Brown; Guiteras; Rejesus; Renkow; Sills

ECG 752: Time Series Econometrics

ECG 753: Microeconometrics

Goodwin; Kalnina; Li; Pelletier; Thurman; Zheng
Environmental and Resource Economics

ECG 715: Environmental and Resource Economics

ECG 716: Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics

Z. Brown; Fackler; Fell; Guiteras; Taylor; Thurman; von Haefen
Industrial Organization

ECG 706: Industrial Organization and Control

ECG 707: Topics in Industrial Organization

Hammond; Margolis; Vukina; Zheng
International Trade

ECG 748: Theory of International Trade

Beghin; Boys; Kandilov
Labor Economics

ECG 730: Labor Economics

ECG 790: Empirical Methods in Development Economics and Applied Micro

Allen; Clark; Kandilov; M. Morrill
Macro/Monetary Economics

ECG 784: Advanced Macroeconomics

ECG 785: Monetary Economics

ECG 790: Fiscal Policy

ECG 790: Business Cycle

Fiori; NasonPearce; Traum

Microeconomic Theory and Experimental Economics

ECG 708: Advanced Microeconomic Theory

ECG 709: Behavioral / Experimental Economics

Dur; Hammond; T. Morrill