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1. What’s Going on with Inflation?

Jan. 18, 2022
In a healthy economy, prices tend to go up – a process called inflation. While you might not like that as a consumer, moderate price growth is a sign of a healthy, growing economy. And, historically at least, wages tend to go up at about the same pace during periods of inflation. Professor Richard Warr explains what inflation is – and what the future might hold.

2. North Carolina Set to Become the Newest 0% Corporate Income Tax Rate State

Jan. 6, 2022
On November 18, 2021, Governor Roy Cooper signed the first state budget in several years into law. This $25.9 billion budget included numerous provisions, including pay raises for teachers and state employees, funding for broadband expansion, increases to individual income tax deductions and increases to a “rainy day” fund, among other important changes. Poole College of Management assistant professor of accounting, Nathan Goldman, explains the impact for North Carolina corporations.

3. The Happiest Place on Earth? A Look Inside Disney’s Tax and Non-Tax Battle with the State of Florida

April 28, 2022
On April 22, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that strips Walt Disney Company of its special status that previously allowed it to function as its own municipal government. This move marks the culmination of a recent feud between the state of Florida and one of its largest and most recognizable companies. But what does the bill mean for Florida residents’ and Disney’s taxes? Poole College accounting professors Nathan Goldman and Christina Lewellen take a closer look.

4. Salaries Surge for Risk Management Professionals

Feb. 10, 2022
On the heels of widespread shutdowns, broken supply chains and economic fallout, millions of organizations around the globe made the same decision: to invest in a more resilient future. Suddenly, hiring websites were congested with job postings for risk leaders – and within a short time, compensation for risk professionals reached new heights. Poole’s risk management experts analyze the increase in demand for risk professionals.

5. Study IDs Visual Characteristics That Make People ‘Like’ Images on Instagram

Jan. 19, 2022
Marketing researchers have identified the combination of characteristics that make people “like” images on the social media platform Instagram. For example, the visual complexity of images has a significant effect on whether viewers choose to engage with a social media post. “We are increasingly able to determine whether images included in social media messages are likely to garner interest from consumers,” says William Rand, co-author of a paper on the work and an associate professor of marketing at North Carolina State University.

6. The Role of Risk Management in Sustainability Efforts

Feb. 14, 2022
While risk management may once have been relegated to a single employee at a company, in our technology-focused world today, it is a vital tool for all business leaders to have. Risk management means using data about potential risks that can affect a business, positively or negatively, to create plans to mitigate and manage those risks. “If you’re really interested in managing your risks in the future, think about risks to your business over the next few years with risk management, then pay attention to things that are longer-term,” said Mark Beasley, accounting professor at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management and director of the school’s Enterprise Risk Management Initiative.

7. Study Finds Empowering Workers Can Backfire

April 4, 2022
There is an increasing body of work demonstrating the benefits of empowering workers, but a new study finds that efforts to empower employees need to be coupled with efforts that allow those employees to do their jobs well. If institutional obstacles make it difficult for workers to thrive, empowering them can lead to unethical behavior. Empowered employees are workers who have been given considerable discretion regarding their work and who feel that their work is meaningful. Research co-authored by Professor Brad Kirkman has found that empowering workers leads to better job performance, greater creativity, and improved employee retention, among other benefits.

8. Motivating Supplier Social Responsibility

March 16, 2022
Knowing that products were made in a safe and sustainable manner matters, and more than ever, consumers expect companies to be transparent about manufacturing and supply practices. It’s a complex topic that Tim Kraft, Poole College associate professor of operations and supply chain management, explored in his study, “Motivating Supplier Social Responsibility Under Incomplete Visibility.” We spoke with Kraft to find out more about his study and the significance of socially responsible practices around the globe.

9. How Political Corruption Impedes Corporate Innovation

March 4, 2022
What happens when external factors – like political corruption – impede that innovation? That’s the question that Jesse Ellis, Poole College professor of finance, Jared Smith, Poole College associate professor of finance, and Roger White, associate professor at Arizona State University, have explored in-depth. A paper of their findings, titled “Corruption and Corporate Innovation,” was published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and examined how political corruption in the United States affects firm innovation.

10. BAI Hosts Inaugural Business Analytics Roundtable

June 1, 2022
On Thursday, May 19th, nearly 75 analytics professionals from across the region gathered together at the James B. Hunt Library to participate in the Poole College Business Analytics Initiative’s (BAI) inaugural Business Analytics Roundtable. Featuring thought leaders from academia, firms and organizations working on state-of-the-art analytics, the roundtable gave leaders the opportunity to share how they are tapping into the transformational power of data.

In the Media

TIME | Jan. 7, 2022

Sherry Fowler, professor of practice in information technology and business analytics, explains how similar to Big Tobacco, the social media industry cannot go unchecked when offering a product to consumers designed to be addictive.

“Here we have something that’s just as addictive and we’ve allowed the companies not to have to answer to anybody,” said Fowler. “Certain industries can’t run rampant without any rules being enforced.”

WRAL | Jan. 20, 2022

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, discusses why upcoming winter storms will hinder supply chains already affected by the pandemic.

“There is a lot of issues going on at the moment worldwide,” said Handfield. “It absolutely makes it worse.”

Yahoo! News, Jan. 20, 2022

Bart Danielsen, associate professor of finance, found interest in education choice through exploring ways to spur new development in communities that need economic revitalization.

“Many middle-income families who currently move to the suburbs when their children reach school age would remain in more diverse and convenient city environments if they had more educational options,” said Danielsen

Spectrum News, Feb. 4, 2022

Mark Beasley, professor of accounting, explains why the Great Resignation, the high number of people leaving their jobs, is due to the life-changing pandemic and other opportunities of employment.

“The Great Resignation is a reflection of people making changes in how they view their work and what they want to do personally,” said Beasley. “Others are considering and accelerating the retirement phase of their career.”

ABC 11 | Feb. 17, 2022

Steve Allen, professor of economics, anticipates the possible effects that tensions between Russia and Ukraine could have on global oil markets.

“If there ends up being armed conflict in Ukraine, you’re likely to see reduction in the amount of Russian oil that gets into global markets,” said Allen.

CBS 17 | March 18, 2022

Nathan Goldman, assistant professor of accounting, agreed with North Carolina Democrats that a new tax proposal from Senator Rick Scott of Florida will cause a 39.8 percent income tax increase for North Carolina residents.

“If you look at them, some of them are more radical than others, I would say this one’s probably a bit on the radical side,” said Goldman.

Voyage Raleigh | March 18, 2022

Jessica Yinka Thomas, director of the Business Sustainability Collaborative, shares her journey of wanting to make the world a better place through her previous work at LeapFrog and now at Poole College by showing students how to use business as a force for good.

“I work every day to continuously elevate my understanding of the world and its challenges. I am inspired by the innovative solutions and creative collaboration that I study and implement,” said Thomas.

Queen City News, April 1, 2022

Roby Sawyers, professor of accounting and director of undergraduate programs in accounting, joined Fox46 Queen City News to urge people to file their taxes early and to consider a tax professional for help even though filing season has been extended from April 15 to April 18.

“The quicker you file, particularly if you are getting a refund, the quicker you are going to get your money back,” said Sawyers. “There are a number of things [multi-state tax returns and cryptocurrency transactions] that could occur that would require the help of a professional.”

Triangle Business Journal | April 8, 2022

Richard Warr, professor of finance, explains that while the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates is not likely to cause a recession, an economic slow down or “shallow recession” is possible.

“That will have an impact on the local economy but whether that is a big impact. … We’ve got other things that are driving the economy,” said Warr. “For some other areas of the country, they may see a more dramatic impact.”

ABC 11 | May 9, 2022

Tim Kraft, associate professor of operations and supply chain management, explains how rising diesel fuel prices are drastically impacting truck drivers, consumers, and small business owners.

“I really worry about the small business owner, the small trucking company. These levels that we’re seeing– the costs they’re having to pay — their margins are being cut in half. And it’s just not sustainable when you’re a small business and you’re seeing this much volatility,” said Kraft.

Forbes | June 10, 2022

Brad Kirkman, professor of management, innovation and entrepreneurship, recently co-authored the article, “How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Empowering Your Workplace,” to share the future implications of workplace empowerment.

“Such empowerment can lead employees to morally disengage and behave unethically,” said Kirkman and Tobias Dennerlein, assistant professor at IESE Business School.

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