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Carson Shanahan

Sep 22, 2022

What Gen Z and Millennials Want on Instagram vs. TikTok

Heather Dretsch explains how important for brands to understand the consumer psychology driving current social media behavior when planning a social media presence and content. 

Sep 21, 2022

Accounting Professionals Learn, Network as Part of Inaugural Jenkins MAC Lifelong Learning Summit

On Sept. 9, the Jenkins MAC Program and Executive Education collaborated to create the inaugural Lifelong Learning Summit, an interactive day allowing attendees to share practices and ideas with the Poole community. 

Sep 13, 2022

Researchers Investigate Earnings Quality Deterioration and Director Departures

Associate Professor Srini Krishnamurthy digs deeper in board members acting in their own self-interest and bailing in times of trouble. 

Sep 12, 2022

Is the U.S. Going into a Recession? Poole Economics Professor Weighs in

Poole College assistant professor of economics Ayse Dur explains what these indicators could mean when it comes to the likelihood of the United States experiencing its first significant recession since the subprime mortgage crisis. 

Sep 7, 2022

How Exhausting!

What happens when water cooler talk turns into a constant vent session? That is what Poole College faculty, Tom Zagenczyk and Erin Powell, set out to discover. 

Sep 1, 2022

Poole Accounting Professors Weigh in on Inflation Reduction Act

Poole College faculty members Don Pagach and Rob Whited critique these two tax changes, as well as one proposed tax issue that was removed from the final Inflation Reduction Act as a condition of Sinema’s support. 

Aug 31, 2022

How Hybrid Entrepreneurs Balance a Traditional Job While Simultaneously Starting a New Venture

Jon Carr and Jeff Pollack take a deep dive into hybrid entrepreneurs – individuals who balance a traditional job while simultaneously starting a new venture. 

Aug 31, 2022

Rising Inflation as a Global and Domestic Phenomenon

Poole College assistant professor of economics Ayse Dur provides a deeper look into the impact of inflation both domestically and globally.  

NC State Ethical Apparel Index

Aug 25, 2022

Rob Handfield Leading the Charge for Ethical Apparel

Rob Handfield and fellow NC State researchers have developed the Ethical Apparel Index to promote ethical, sustainable supplier factories worldwide. 

Jul 28, 2022

What Does the Federal Reserve Interest Rate Increase Mean for Consumers and Businesses?

Richard Warr, associate dean for faculty and research, explores commonly asked questions on the Federal Reserve interest rate increase.