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Author: Carson Powell

Jan 21, 2022

Bill Rand Study Finds the Formula for the Perfect Instagram Image

Bill Rand, associate professor of marketing, and fellow researchers from NC State determine how to produce the perfect Instagram photo to attract likes through a program for marketing experts. 

Jan 20, 2022

Roby Sawyers Expects Delays from the IRS During Tax Season

Roby Sawyers, professor of accounting, explains that consumers will see delays during tax season due to IRS budget cuts, bigger workloads and stimulus payments. 

Jan 20, 2022

Bart Danielsen Study Analyzes the Relationship Between Real Estate and Education

Bart Danielsen's research found that when localities adopted school choice scholarships offering universal eligibility, less affluent neighborhoods experienced significant economic improvement. 

Jan 20, 2022

Rob Handfield on How Winter Storms Will Affect Supply Chains

Rob Handfield discusses why upcoming winter storms will hinder supply chains already affected by the pandemic. 

Jan 20, 2022

Stacy Wood Encourages Finding Common Ground in Vaccine Promotion

Stacy Wood, professor of marketing, explains that when it comes to vaccine promotion to apprehensive consumers, refraining from assumptions about their beliefs and intelligence is integral. 

Jan 18, 2022

What’s Going on with Inflation?

Richard Warr, associate dean for faculty and research, explains how inflation affects markets and what the future may hold. 

Jan 7, 2022

Nathan Goldman Weighs in on NC’s Deal with Apple

Nathan Goldman breaks down how North Carolina was a better choice for Apple over other locations and, in a recent study, explains how the state can recoup its investment through six scenarios. 

Jan 7, 2022

Sherry Fowler Explains How Social Media Should Be Held Accountable for its Addictive Nature

Sherry Fowler, professor of practice in information technology and business analytics, explains how similar to Big Tobacco, the social media industry cannot go unchecked when offering a product to consumers designed to be addictive. 

Jan 7, 2022

Rob Handfield Discusses the Many Issues Impacting the Future of Supply Chain

Rob Handfield explains how the labor shortage is not the only challenge facing the current state of the supply chain as climate change and the longevity of the pandemic are rising problems. 

Jan 7, 2022

Tim Kraft Makes the Connection Between the Worker Shortage and Recent Winterstrom Pileup

Tim Kraft, associate professor of operations and supply chain management, explains how the recent pileup on I-95 from a winter storm was caused by the shortage of snowplow drivers from the COVID-19 pandemic.