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Jan 25, 2023

Let’s Chat about ChatGPT

We sat down with Bill Rand to learn more about ChatGPT, its risks and what educators need to keep in mind going forward. 

Jan 20, 2023

The Uncertain Future of the IRS

Poole College accounting professors Nathan Goldman and Christina Lewellen examine the potential impact of the bill rescinding $80 billion of additional funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 


Jan 19, 2023

Nathan Goldman Continues to Debunk 87,000 IRS Agent Audit

Nathan Goldman, associate professor of accounting, dismisses House Republicans' claims that the IRS is planning to hire 87,000 agents to target Americans. 

Jan 19, 2023

Bill Rand on the Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Bill Rand, professor of marketing, breaks down how much travel credit cards can save frequent travelers, cash back vs. travel points and if it makes sense for once-a-year travelers to apply. 

Jan 12, 2023

Steve Allen Discusses the Impact of Potential CATS Bus Driver Strike

Steve Allen, professor of economics, explains that with a potential strike of the CATS bus drivers, management is obligated to discuss wages and benefits with organized workers. 

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Jan 12, 2023

Nathan Goldman on ‘Legal’ Insider Trading

Nathan Goldman, associate professor of accounting, co-authored a study that found executives are more likely to increase their profits from insider trading when individual state income taxes go up. 

Jan 9, 2023

Mark Beasley Questions the Risk Management at Crypto Firms

Following the collapse of FTX Trading, Mark Beasley, director of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative, examines what risks are being monitored as more crypto firms are adopting ERM practices. 

Jan 4, 2023

Rob Handfield Finds Connection Between Gaming and Acquisition Training

Rob Handfield and Lt. Col. Dan Finkenstadt of the Naval Postgraduate School recently found how video games can help train acquisition and supply chain professionals. 

Jan 4, 2023

Mark Beasley Warns of Another Risky Year in 2023

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative and Protiviti's 2023 Executive Perspectives on Top Risks report concluded that the magnitude of risks is the highest in 11 years. 

Dec 15, 2022

Rob Handfield Breaks Down the Tensions Between Buyers and Suppliers

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, explains how, since the pandemic, retailers have pressed suppliers to increase the production of items.