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Carson Shanahan

Oct 17, 2022

Tim Kraft Discusses the Impact of the Potential Rail Strike on Supply Chain

Tim Kraft, associate professor of operations and supply chain management, explains how the looming strike for better pay and working conditions for railroad workers could impact the future of the U.S. supply chain. 

Oct 17, 2022

Scott Showalter on Women and Accounting in STEM

Scott Showalter, director of the Jenkins MAC Program, spoke on the importance of increasing the number of women in STEM programs in institutions across North Carolina as well as designating accounting as a STEM field. 

Oct 14, 2022

Gen Z Want to Go Behind-the-Scenes with Brands on TikTok and Instagram

Heather Dretsch conducts research on consumer generations and explains how she believes that brands can tailor the narrative they’re building on social media by better understanding the Gen Z mindset and motivation. 

Oct 12, 2022

What’s Going on in the UK Markets?

Professor Richard Warr addresses the current standing of the UK economy. 

Oct 10, 2022

Steve Allen Addresses OPEC Oil Cutbacks and the Impact on NC

Steve Allen, professor of economics, joined WPTF radio to discuss the potential impact of upcoming oil production cutbacks announced by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). 


Oct 7, 2022

Nathan Goldman Predicts Businesses Flocking to NC

With the corporate income tax at 2.5% in NC, Nathan Goldman, associate professor of accounting, sees an increase in business and employment opportunities in the state's future. 


Oct 7, 2022

Nathan Goldman Sets the Record Straight on IRS Audits in NC

Nathan Goldman, associate professor of accounting, refutes claims that an army of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents are coming to audit everyday citizens. 

Sep 22, 2022

What Gen Z and Millennials Want on Instagram vs. TikTok

Heather Dretsch explains how important for brands to understand the consumer psychology driving current social media behavior when planning a social media presence and content. 

Sep 21, 2022

Accounting Professionals Learn, Network as Part of Inaugural Jenkins MAC Lifelong Learning Summit

On Sept. 9, the Jenkins MAC Program and Executive Education collaborated to create the inaugural Lifelong Learning Summit, an interactive day allowing attendees to share practices and ideas with the Poole community. 

Sep 13, 2022

Researchers Investigate Earnings Quality Deterioration and Director Departures

Associate Professor Srini Krishnamurthy digs deeper in board members acting in their own self-interest and bailing in times of trouble.