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Stacy Wood Discusses Consumer Anxiety on The State of Things

Stacy Wood, Langon Distinguished University professor of marketing, was featured on WUNC’s The State of Things on April 2 to talk about shopper and worker anxiety during the coronavirus crisis. Wood was joined by Natalie Seymour, a food safety extension associate from NC State, during the segment discussing the newfound mistrust of food workers and the safety of food origins and how it is affecting shopper behavior in stores.

“I think the frontline workers are seeing the real diversity of responses to a new situation/crisis,” said Wood. “We also have to remember that there are differences it whether scarcity is perceived, but really not that bad, and people who have real scarcity. There are people who are simply feeling there is not enough influx at the grocery store and may cause them to stock up on resources they already have at home.” Listen to the entire segment on WUNC.