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Erica Rice

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Marketing Methods

Erica smiling at the camera on a boat in Argentina, with a waterfall and jungle in the background.
Erica on the boat ride to Iguazu Falls.

My study abroad experience prepared me for a global perspective and competency when it comes to solving problems within my field.

Erica Rice

Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing

Why did you choose to study abroad?
I chose to study abroad because I knew within my first semester (really as soon as I applied for NC State…) that I would go out of the country. Being a first-year business student at that time, I knew the possibilities were endless depending on the concentration I was going to pursue. Being interested in Marketing, the Argentina program caught my attention after speaking to Jocelyn Holt, a Poole Global Advisor, due to it not only fulfilling my major requirements but also being a Spanish-speaking country. I’ve always been interested in other communities than my own; a global perspective but also competence is key in this day and age.

What did you learn about yourself from studying abroad?
I am bold. My family and friends always tell me I am always on the move, and being abroad didn’t stop me from doing bold things. Whether that was staying in the city to explore while the group went to Patagonia or meeting up with a friend that I met during an internship and creating new memories, I seize the opportunity whenever I can; safely, of course.

What is one of your favorite memories from studying abroad?
One of my memorable experiences from being in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was when we missed our first flight to Iguazu Falls. It was three of us and we happened to be in an Uber for 2 hours before realizing we were not going to make the flight. Everyone was frustrated but we came up with a plan to catch another flight that night. Imagine flying on a plane to the jungle! We caught a taxi to our hostel and honestly, the community we stayed in was full of nightlife for a small town. It was worth it to wake up in the morning and see the jungle on the ride to the park.

Erica posing in front of a waterfall in Argentina.
Erica overlooking the waterfall at Iguazu Falls.
Erica sipping a coffee at a restaurant in Argentina.
Erica enjoying a café in Argentina.

How did your study abroad experience prepare you for your future career?
Although I’m not quite into my marketing career just yet, my study abroad experience prepared me for a global perspective and competency when it comes to solving problems within my field. You have to ask yourself often, “How would others see this advertisement/marketing agenda?” Taking BUS 360 Marketing Methods and M 380 Doing Business in Argentina helped me realize that there’s more than what meets the eye. Corporations and entrepreneurs have to recognize the consumer’s needs and feelings.

What was a concern you had before departing on your program? How did you overcome it?
I’m an honest and transparent person, so when I get asked this question, I keep it straight. As a person of color, specifically African-American with a Latino background, I worried for my safety. My family and friends did as well. Before leaving Raleigh, my mother questioned me on whether I was truly ready to experience somewhere other than home. Being aware of your surroundings and knowledgeable about the places you’re visiting will not only help you when it comes to unpredictable situations but also your confidence. I was confident that the information I researched and the people I asked were trustworthy enough to take on my adventure. You’ll never know who you might meet and how different the new perspective about another country is until you experience it for yourself! The more afraid you are, the less willing you are to go outside your comfort zone.

What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
My advice to future study abroad students is: go for it. You never know what could come your way while in the program and afterward. I was able to make friendships and become closer to my professor but also expand my knowledge on the world outside of the U.S.