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Guided by expert faculty, Poole College of Management students learn by doing, gaining career-launching knowledge and experience, applying what they learn in the classroom to real world projects with partner companies, competitions and other opportunities.

Preparing Career-Ready Professionals

As a student in the Poole College of Management, you gain a solid business foundation with in-depth training in your chosen field. Our emphasis on experiential learning, corporate partnerships, international and honors programs, and research opportunities are designed to enable you to make an immediate impact in the working world.

From day one, you will dive into core coursework that provides a comprehensive business perspective and join in out-of-classroom experiences that build professionalism. By your junior year, you will be equipped to move into advanced courses in your chosen field. Come graduation, you will have acquired the tools, knowledge, personal and professional development needed to be competitive in today’s multicultural, global marketplace.

Rising to the Next Challenge

Poole College of Management graduate programs share an emphasis on applied learning, which attracts top faculty widely recognized for their research and industry experience. Alongside these professors and our diverse community of leading industry partners, you’ll learn to tackle real-world challenges and gain vital career-building skills.

Building an Innovative Business Program

When we think about what constitutes a curriculum, it goes beyond simply what is taught within the classroom. Curriculum incorporates the entire learning experience offered by a college or university. In addition to classroom experiences, it can include participation in case competitions, active participation in student groups, engagement with alumni and industry professionals, attending speaker series, supporting faculty in academic research, executive education or even participating in study abroad opportunities.

Innovative Curriculum

Driving Knowledge and Innovation

Collaboration takes center stage for Poole College of Management faculty, who partner with colleagues across the university as well as global corporations to support research, develop new curricula and enrich outreach.