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The Global, Here and Now podcast highlights the many opportunities students have to engage globally through the Poole College of Management. Topics include: Study Abroad programs, on-campus and virtual experiences, student organizations and more.

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Transfer Student Highlight (May 4, 2021)

Learn about the ways transfer students can study abroad. In this episode we talk to two Poole transfer students: Tristan is an external transfer student who studied abroad in Spain, and Justin is a CODA student who studied abroad in Ireland.

Explore the study abroad exchange program at Vienna University of Economics and Business located in Vienna, Austria. This program is one of the most popular choices among Poole Students because of the great course offerings and cultural programs. In this episode, we speak with a student who studied abroad in Vienna.

This episode details our partnership with SKEMA, a French business school with campuses all over the world, including one here at NC State Centennial Campus. Students in this program spend their first three years at one of SKEMA’s global campuses, and complete their final year at the Poole College of Management, earning degrees from each institution. Learn more about this program.

Ms. Van Hook studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador, and the skills and relationships she developed abroad still stick with her. As an undergraduate academic advisor, Ms. Van Hook promotes study abroad opportunities to as many students as she can. Read more Poole faculty and staff study abroad stories.

In celebration of National Study Abroad Day, this episode highlights the study abroad experience of Professor Jessica Yinka Thomas. Professor Thomas studied abroad in Paris, France as an undergraduate student, and around Africa as an MBA student. Professor Thomas uses the global mindset she developed while abroad while teaching her classes, and in her work with the Business Sustainability Collaborative.

This episode discusses Global Corps, a group of student leaders that supports the Global Programs team in Poole. You will hear from two current Global Corps members about their experiences in the organization, and learn about how to get involved. Visit Poole Leadership for more information.

This episode discusses effective ways to share your global experiences with potential employers – through your resume, networking opportunities and interviews. International experiences provide students with a competitive advantage in the job and internship search, so highlighting them to employers is important.

This episode dives deeper into the International Business Dual Degree Program and what the life of an IBDD student is like. We speak with a fourth-year student on the French track, and highlight alumni of the IBDD program. Read more about the 10th anniversary of the IBDD program highlighting current and past students.

This episode introduces the International Business Dual Degree program at NC State. The IBDD program is a dual degree program where students earn one degree from Poole College and one degree from an international institution in China, France, Italy, Germany or Spain.

This episode discusses how to plan for a study abroad experience including academic planning, timing & location, funding and the overall application process. The information provided is most applicable to semester programs but helpful for all students considering study abroad programs.

This episode covers academic ways to globally engage including Alexander Hamilton Scholars and the Global Perspectives Certificate. This podcast highlights the academic opportunities for students to integrate international experiences into their majors.

This episode introduces you to the staff members in the Office of Global Programs in Poole – to hear who they are, what they do and how they help students in the Poole College of Management engage globally.