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Support for international engagement and scholarship can sometimes be hard to secure. Poole College supports our faculty with a special international seed grant funding program to help them engage globally.

The Poole College Faculty Global Seed Grant provides initial funding to help Poole faculty start a new or expand an existing relation with faculty colleagues at one of our partners. Seed grant funding can be used to support collaborative research initiative, and co-teaching and curriculum development, and student program design and engagement. It is not intended to support conference travel.

NC State also has a number of other global funding opportunities, including:

  • Global Project Supplement Fund Offered by NC State’s Office of Global Engagement and provides up to $1,000 travel awards to encourage global engagement.
  • International Seed Grant Program The aim of the Internationalization Seed Grant program is to provide grants that improve the range of international partnerships at NC State and foster meaningful, collaborative, global scholarship and engagement.
  • University Global Partnership Network (UPGN) Research Collaboration Fund UGPN exists to create a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students from world-leading universities members including:
    • North Carolina State University (United States)
    • Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil)
    • University of Surrey (United Kingdom)
    • University of Wollongong (Australia)

      Multilateral partnerships among faculty from two or more partner universities are able to apply for funding of up to $10,000 per partnering institution ($40,000 maximum funding).
  • University of Adelaide: NC State Starter Grants for Research Collaboration NC State’s Global funding programs offer NC State faculty or staff special short-term financing to enhance research collaboration and academic exchange with the University of Adelaide in Australia.

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