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Refund and Withdrawal Policy

The withdrawal policy for the summer study abroad programs managed by the Poole College of Management is as follows:

The chart below indicates the student’s financial responsibility should they withdraw from the program.

You are responsible for the $1,000 deposit at the time of commitment to the study abroad program and it is non-refundable. The commitment deposit goes toward the total program cost.

Timeline of Student WithdrawalAmount of Program Cost Student is Financially Responsible to Pay
45 days to 90 days prior to program start date25% of total program cost or $1,000 (whichever is greater)
44 days to 15 days prior to program start date50% of total program cost
14 days to 1 day prior to program start date75% of total program cost
On or after the program start date100% of total program cost
*Once accepted to a program, students must confirm their commitment to go on the program through the PackAbroad online portal. Upon response through the portal, students are financially responsible for the non-refundable $375 commitment and application fee.

Per University regulation 07.55.03, students have the right to file a refund application in the Student Accounts Section of the University Cashier’s Office.  The application must be substantiated by medical reasons, unexpected employment changes, death in the immediate family, or University error. The University will review the application and inform the student of the decision.

The finances of all summer study abroad programs offered through the Poole College of Management are managed by the Poole Global Programs Office. Any questions should be directed to