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France: International Business Policy and Strategy in Paris

The Global Programs team in Poole is pleased to announce the planned study abroad programs for Spring Break 2023. Applications open now!

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Spend a week in March completing the senior capstone course through a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, France. Join your MIE 480 classmates and professor abroad during Spring Break 2023!

Program Dates

March 11-18, 2023

Application Deadline: Applications for Spring Break have now closed.


Paris, France




MIE 480 | International Business Policy and Strategy
Comprehensive analysis of administrative policy-making from the point of view of the general manager. Integration of perspectives from marketing, finance, and other functional areas of management. Use of case analyses and written reports to develop decision making skills.

This study abroad experience is offered in conjunction with a specific section of the MIE 480 senior capstone course. Prospective program attendees must still apply to the program and; based on the outcome of their application, be placed into the study abroad section of the course.


Participants in this program must be in their final semester of senior year as Business Administration or Accounting majors.

Students must have completed, or be currently enrolled in during the semester of the program, the following courses:

Pre-requisites must be successfully completed before the start of the program. Students are able to apply to the program before they are enrolled in or while they are enrolled in the pre-requisite course. Acceptance to the program is conditional on the student enrolling in the pre-requisite and then successfully completing the course before the start of the program. 

If a student fails the pre-requisite course and is not able to repeat the course before the start of the program, he or she will be required to withdraw from the program and the refund/withdrawal policy will come into effect. Exceptions to the refund/withdrawal policy will not be made due to a student’s failure to pass the pre-requisite course.

Academic Considerations

  • All courses are NC State courses and the grade earned in the course will count toward NC State GPA.
  • Participants in this program must be seniors eligible to take the MIE 480 capstone course
  • This study abroad experience is offered in conjunction with MIE 480, Section 010. It includes classroom instruction both at NC State and during the week in Paris. Students must register for MIE 480-010 to participate in this study tour.

Calendars & Excursions

Local excursions around Reims will examine both the culture and business aspects of France.