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Course Approval Form

The Course Approval Form outlines potential classes to take at your host university and their transfer equivalents at NC State. This form is completed as part of your application to make sure that your host university offers the appropriate classes you need to transfer to NC State and count toward your degree.

Steps for Completion:

Consult your MyPack degree audit to identify potential degree requirements or courses that you would like to complete while studying abroad. Utilizing the Academic Course Planning for Study Abroad pages to learn more about courses for your major.

Research the existing NC State Transfer Database, the Poole Global Transfer Database and search your host institution’s course catalog for syllabi/descriptions. You can find the links to host institution’s website and course catalog on the Programs page of the Study Abroad Office’s website.

  • The existing Transfer Databases are a compilation of courses that previous study abroad students have had approved. It is possible that some of these courses may have changed their names or syllabi over time, and some courses may not be offered in the future. Use the databases as a starting point but keep in mind that if the course has changed since it was last approved we cannot guarantee that it will transfer in the same way. If a course at your host institution is not already in our database, that does not mean you cannot take it; rather it means another student has not taken it before you.
  • When reviewing the courses offered by the host institution, your job is not to know exactly how the course will transfer back to NC State; rather, look for titles and descriptions of courses that generally match or align with those at NC State. You can review the NC State course catalog here.

Make an appointment with the Poole Global Programs staff to review the courses you have selected.

  • Come prepared with an idea of what courses you would like to take at the host institution including copies of or links to the course syllabi/descriptions.
  • To schedule an appointment with Poole Global, visit
  • Submit your completed Course Approval Form to Nelson 2150 or via email to
  • Global Programs will notify you via email when the Course Approval Form is approved. The approval process can take 10-14 business days, so plan ahead to submit the Course Approval Form well in advance of your application deadline.
  • After the Course Approval Form is approved, the box in your PackAbroad application will automatically be checked off. The form will be added to your application as a PDF.


  • List 7-8 courses per semester in case some are not approved, get cancelled, are full upon registration, etc.
  • Include a variety of courses: free electives, general education requirements, major & minor requirements
  • A maximum of two concentration courses may be taken abroad
  • 400-level courses require syllabi for review; all other courses only need a course description
  • Courses toward a non-Poole major or minor must be approved by the specific department
  • The course approval form does not guarantee that you will be enrolled in those specific classes at your host institution as some may not be offered, are filled, etc. After you are accepted into your host institution, you will receive specific instructions from them as to how to register for classes.
  • If at any time you need to add courses to the course approval form, please email with the course title, description and credits in order for it to be reviewed.

To download a printable PDF version of the Course Approval Form, click here.