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Accounting Courses Abroad

As an accounting major in the Poole College of Management, there are certain courses you can or cannot take abroad. The following table outlines the courses on your degree audit and how they may or may not fit into a semester or year abroad. A few things to note as you review the academic considerations for your accounting major:

  • The courses in the “Yes” column are those that are usually offered abroad at a variety of institutions. These are good courses to save for your semester abroad.
  • The  courses in the “Maybe” column really are dependent on the location to where you are going. Most of these courses should be planned for a semester at NC State.
  • The courses in the “No” column are not offered abroad and should be taken at NC State.

Please take a look at your degree audit on MyPack Portal and then highlight which courses list below that you still need to take. As you review your degree audit, please be aware of an pre-requisite courses and plan accordingly.

The chart below is designed to give students a starting point for which courses to consider taking while abroad before meeting with a member of the Global Programs staff.

HumanitiesENG 332Math Courses (i.e. MA 114, ST 350, BUS 351)
Ethics RequirementEC 201Natural Science Requirements
Additional BreadthEC 202Physical Education Requirements
Interdisciplinary PerspectivesPSY 200M 100
Free ElectivesCommunication RequirementMIE 201
BUS 320ACC 210MIE 305
BUS 360ACC 220MIE 480*
BUS 370BUS 340ACC 310
MIE 330Accounting electiveACC 311
One concentrationACC 330
ACC 340
ACC 450*
BUS 458
BUS 459
*MIE 480 & ACC 450 have many pre-requisite courses that must be completed before taking those courses during your final semester of senior year. Please plan accordingly to complete all pre-requisites.