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Sanaa McClendon


Sep 23, 2022

Heather Dretsch on Branding for Generation Alpha

Heather Dretsch predicts that Generation Alpha, the generation of children born between 2011 and 2025, will inherit similar consumer behaviors to their Millennial parents. 


Sep 22, 2022

Tim Kraft Expects Disruptions as Supply Chain Workers Push Back

Tim Kraft explains that the recent threat of a railroad strike could inspire labor disputes in other industries if companies do not take initiative to create better conditions for their workers. 

Sep 16, 2022

Steve Allen Voices Concerns About North Carolina Minimum Wage

Steve Allen, professor of economics, shared concerns about North Carolina's $7.25 minimum wage which has not increased since 2009 despite record high inflation rates. 


Sep 6, 2022

Nathan Goldman Explains a Clause in Student Debt Relief Plan

Nathan Goldman, associate professor of accounting, describes a clause in President Joe Biden's student debt relief plan that allows states to tax relief. 


Sep 6, 2022

Ira Weiss on Preparing for Your Accreditation Visit

Ira Weiss, professor of strategic management, recently authored an article, titled "Are You Prepared for Your Accreditation Visit?," advising schools on how they can maximize success during their accreditation visit. 

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Aug 26, 2022

Bruce Branson Defines Corporate Responsibility as ‘Just Good Business’

Bruce Branson, professor of accounting, shares that businesses are rewarded for promoting authenticity and accountability through implementing and achieving environmental, social and corporate governance goals. 

Aug 19, 2022

Rob Handfield Predicts the Aftermath of the CHIPS Act

Rob Handfield shares that while the CHIPS Act is a good first step for the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing industry, the complexity of the global semiconductor supply chain makes building this industry a long process. 


Aug 16, 2022

Rob Handfield on the Use of AI Technology in the Procurement Process

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, provided insight on how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can establish procurement efficiency through contract analytics and supplier risk management. 

Aug 12, 2022

Mehmet Caner on How Machine Learning Can Influence Portfolio Performance

Mehmet Caner, professor of economics, recently co-authored a study that illustrates the ability of machine learning to improve the Sharpe ratio which strengthens portfolio performance. 


Aug 2, 2022

Tayah Butler and Maggie Merry Reveal the Innovative Power of Inclusion

Tayah Butler, assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion, and Maggie Merry, assistant dean of finance and administration, joined the Innovations that Inspire video series to share how institutions and business leaders can innovate for inclusion.