Fall Curriculum (France)

A diverse, multi-disciplinary team of IAE professors will introduce you to business and innovation management fundamentals and your hands-on, team-based innovation project.

Core Courses

The MGIM fall semester structure is directly related to with the Innovation Project. In each project phase, students are expected to accomplish specific activities and deliver specific outputs. The courses and workshops are scheduled in order to provide students with the required concepts, methods and tools according to an appropriate timing.

Innovation Management Project
The Innovation Management Project permits students to develop the competencies required to support the innovation process in firms and organizations. Students work on real-world innovation projects with sponsor firms. Workshops and conferences are held to give students the complementary tools necessary to work on the project.

Strategy and Innovation
Theory, business tools, global & corporate strategy for high technology firms enabling them to create superior value for chosen customers and to capture a sufficient share of that value to generate an economic profit on its investment. Core business strategy themes include how to analyze the business environment, assess resources and capabilities, and choose competitive strategies.

Managing Innovation
“Innovation, like many business functions, is a management process that requires specific rules, tools and discipline” (Davila, Epstein, Shelton, 2006). Innovation Management is contingent on a range of factors which affect the actual process when applied in practice.
This course discusses both the theory and practice of the management of innovation.

Technology Transfer to Market
This course identifies the importance of having the perfect match between technology and market and taking into consideration stakeholders’ needs and requirement in innovation as well as in many management decisions. Process of technology-market transfer and diverse tools and techniques from different management fields are implemented within a Technology-Market Transfer plan.

Innovation Networks
Open Innovation Strategy approach and major principles of innovation and clusters theories. The role and impact of innovation within both corporate and business strategies. The management, decision-making, and execution components of the overall innovation process in order to improve the odds of success.

Marketing Management
Market segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Channels of distribution, promotion strategy, product development strategy, and pricing strategy. Applications in high-tech environments. Market simulation game.

Marketing for Innovation/Creativity
This course discusses the issues and challenges involved in the marketing of innovation, the key role of the lead-users and their contribution to the successful marketing of innovation (customers as innovators approach), and the practical and global aspects of creativity.

Creativity and Innovation
This course develops students’ ability to innovate with a structured ideation approach commonly called “brainstorming.”


Design Thinking
Culture and Innovation
Cross-disciplinary Consulting
Innovation & Sustainability
International Seminar Series

Language Support
Students who do not speak French prior to the start of the program receive 2 weeks of French language training before the semester starts and tutoring throughout the semester.