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Experience the MGIM program through the eyes of our students. Through the MGIM Student Experience Blog, get photos, videos and first-hand accounts of life in a new country, work on global innovation projects and a variety of new experiences.

by Justin Rowland

China Summer Experience

Encompassing more than just an internship, the China Summer Experience (CSE) is an opportunity for MGIM students to round out their Global focus by traveling to Asia, the 3rd continent of the program.

Adeline Abou-Ali with Alex Videau

Student Spotlight – Adeline Abou-Ali

A quintessential example of a MGIM student, Adeline's multi-cultural background, desire to travel, and openness to new things has led her to a great experience in the program this year. Alex Videau had the chance to ask her some questions to learn more about her motivations and goals.

Danilo Nogueira

Student Spotlight – Danilo Nogueira

MGIM Candidate Danilo Nogueira was an exchange student at IAE Aix-Marseille before joining the MGIM program. He sat down to interview with IAE in Fall 2015. Here is the full interview.

by Alexandre Videau

Creativity in Contemporary Dance (with a bonus!)

All along the Fall semester, we have been doing some activities at the Pavillon Noir in Aix with Ballet Preljocaj, one of the most famous in France. Our activities have included dance classes, learning dance notation, performances, and exchanges with dancers. We finished the semester with a group performance and presentation. Along with our extra curricular activities at Ch√Ęteau la Coste and the Occitane en Provence, it helped us to expand our culture and see that creativity is everywhere. It also helped us each on a more personal point of view.

MGIM Class of 2016

Team Building Fun

We go back in time to the beginning of our program when we barely knew each other. The MGIM class took a team building trip to Buoux, not too far from Aix-en-Provence. Wonderful landscape and exciting day! It was the day to create a link...

by Alexandre Videau

Innovation in the Heritage of Aix

Apart from the innovation management curriculum, students also get opportunities to visit unique businesses in Provence. It helps us to explore their operations and business models and to ask questions to company leadership about their business. It showed us is that we can bring innovation or do things differently in business we have not thought about before.

by Justin Rowland

Travel Opportunities in Europe

Part of the MGIM program involves the global experience, and students this Fall took that to heart as they traveled around Europe. They went to 14+ countries and dozens of cities across the continent.

Chris Pierce with Justin Rowland

Student Spotlight – Christopher Pierce

Chris, a jovial American in the MGIM program, agreed to sit down and do an interview shedding insight on his experience in France so far. Here's our conversation, including talking about Chris's first-ever flight, relaxed southern Frenchies, and melting pots...

by Justin Rowland

An Introduction to the 2016 Class

Bonjour from Aix-en-Provence, France!

While we are already at the halfway point, and therefore in the thick of our mid-terms, I wanted to give an introduction and get up to speed with you about the program and life in France so far.