Tuition & Financial Aid.

What expenses can I expect to incur while I am a student?

NC State University Applicants

Information about tuition and fees for North Carolina (in-state) and other (out-of-state) residents can be found on the NCSU Cashier’s website.

Other program costs that are your responsibility include:

  • Airfare and travel expenses to and from the IAE and NC State campuses
  • Lodging while studying in the program.
  • Meals during the program
  • Fees for passports and visa necessary to study in France, the US, or on an optional internship.
  • Medical insurance through NCSU Study Abroad Office ($1.30/day)
  • Study Abroad application fee of $100
  • IAE University fee which is approximately €500
  • Currency conversion and other bank fees
  • Other personal expenses incurred during study

Financial Aid
The NC State MGIM program does not offer financial aid in the form or graduate assistantships or scholarships. Some students may choose to seek federal student loans through the NC State Office of Financial Aid. The NC State Study Aboard Office also offers financial assistance to students studying overseas. These scholarships typically range between $500-$1000. Scholarship applications are generally available online in mid-August with a September completion deadline. Please visit the Study Abroad website for more details.

 IAE Applicants

Tuition & Financial Aid

Information about tuition and fees can be found on the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management website. For more information about scholarship opportunities, please contact