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2022 New Faculty

Meet the extraordinary new teachers and researchers who joined the Poole College faculty in 2022.

Adriana Corredor-Waldron

Title/Program: Assistant Professor of Microeconomics, Department of Economics

Education: Bachelor of Arts in economics from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Columbia in 2008; Master of Philosophy in economics from the Universidad de los Andes in 2010; PhD in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019.

Research Interest: Corredor-Waldron’s research asks how changes in public policy affect the quality and quantity of care provided to the medically disadvantaged population. She has studied these effects in two groups: elderly with disabilities and adults with substance use disorders. 

Why I Chose Poole College: “The outstanding faculty at Poole College as well as the research triangle’s interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities attracted me to NC State.”

Reza Estilaei

Title/Program: Professor of Practice of Finance, Department of Business Management

Education: Master’s degrees in finance and financial engineering from the University of California at Berkeley; PhD in physics from the University of British Columbia. 

Industry Experience: Estilaei worked for almost 18 years in investment finance for organizations including BlackRock, Canada Pension Plan and BNY Mellon.

Fangfei Guo

Title/Program: Assistant Professor of Marketing Analytics, Department of Business Management

Education: Bachelor of Arts in business administration from University of International Business and Economics in 2013; Master of Science in business analytics and project management from the University of Connecticut in 2014; PhD in marketing from Texas A & M University’s Mays Business School in 2022.

Research Interest: Guo’s primary research interests center on understanding consumer behaviors in various marketing settings by leveraging data-driven methodologies. 

Why I Chose Poole College: “Poole College attracted me because of its emphasis on integrating academic research and industry practice through analytics, which resonates with the fundamental motivation of my research and teaching interests.”

Haley Huie

Title/Program: Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Education: Bachelor’s degrees in public relations and journalism from NC State; Master of Leadership in higher education from the American Intercontinental University.

Industry Experience: Huie joins Poole College with extensive experience in industry and in higher education at institutions on the west coast and at NC State. She spent her time in student-facing programs at NC State in her role as director for experiential learning where she had the chance to build the living-learning community for student entrepreneurs at NC State.

Why I Chose Poole College: “The support that I’ve received from Poole in creating the next chapter for the eClinic has been tremendous, and I look forward to celebrating many milestones within our program and the larger college.”

Christian Koch

Title/Program: Lecturer of Finance, Department of Business Management

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stetson University in 1992; Master of Business Administration from Jacksonville University in 1993; Certificate from the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School in 2004; Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from the University of South Florida in 2020. 

Industry Experience: Koch brings 25 years of investment management and research experience to Poole College with previous roles in the financial services industry ranging from an equity research analyst at a mutual fund, managing director of a large institutional investment firm, trust officer at a regional bank and a portfolio manager.

Why I Chose Poole College: “Being located in Raleigh, Poole offers the perfect balance of right thinking and right feeling.”

Trung Ly

Title/Program: Teaching Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics

Education: Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration and economics; Master of Arts in economics from the University of Missouri at St. Louis; Master of Arts and a PhD, both in economics, from the University of Notre Dame.

Industry Experience: Ly brings experience working as a full-time intern for the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C. in 2017.

Why I Chose Poole College: “I chose Poole College of Management because of its reputation and the world-class faculty who I will be working with on a daily basis.”

Shawn Mankad

Title/Program: Assistant Professor of Business Analytics, Department of Business Management

Education: Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008; Master of Arts in statistics in 2012 and a PhD in statistics in 2013 from the University of Michigan.

Research Interest: Mankad’s research focuses on developing and applying statistical methods for addressing business, economic and policy issues.

Why I Chose Poole College: “NC State and Poole are fantastic institutions where faculty have the intellectual freedom to cut across domains in both research and teaching – it’s an exciting environment for me given my research cuts across several domains.”

Thomas Zagenczyk

Title/Program: Professor, Department of Management, Innovation and Entepreneurship

Education: PhD in organizational behavior and human resource (HR) management, Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh; Bachelor of Science in business administration, University of Pittsburgh.

Industry Experience: Zagenczyk has a background in banking and courses in negotiation and influence for Michelin North America since 2012. Prior to NC State, Zagenczyk served as a faculty member at Clemson University beginning in 2006. 

Why I Chose Poole College: “Poole has a great faculty and many exciting programs and the Triangle is a great place to live.”