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Do you use PowerPoint to present in your classes? If so, think-cell — used by most consulting firms — might save you a significant amount of working time and enable you to create professional looking presentations for your coursework. Think-cell is free to Poole College students, faculty and staff. 

Create professional-looking presentations

Why should you consider using think-cell?

  • Creating your charts takes 70% less time
  • 90% less time when making alterations
    • Automate changes to your charts with think-cell.
  • Gain professional skills
    • Become proficient with the charting software used by top consulting and investment firms.
  • Better results
    • Improve your class presentations and impress your audience.

How to download think-cell:

The think-cell key is provided to current members of Poole College through the link below. Please keep in mind that you are getting access to think-cell for your current academic studies. You are not allowed to distribute or share the key with anyone outside of Poole College.

think-cell is available for both PC and Mac OS.

Learn more

For tailored think-cell support and self-service resources such as tutorial videos and a searchable user manual, visit