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Eileen Taylor

Associate Professor of Accounting

Department of Accounting

Nelson Hall 3104



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Ph.D., Business Administration, University of South Florida (2006)

Area(s) of Expertise

Occupational Fraud and Whistleblowing, Knowledge Sharing, Ethics

Research Publications

  • Reinstein, A. and Taylor, E.Z. (2017) “Fences as controls to reduce accountants’ rationalization” Journal of Business Ethics, 141(3), 477-488.
  • Guthrie, C. and Taylor, E.Z., “Whistleblowing on fraud for pay’ Can I trust you?” Journal of Forensic Accounting, accepted November 2016.
  • Taylor, E.Z. and Curtis, M. B. “Mentoring: A Path to pro-social behavior” Journal of Business Ethics, accepted July 2016.
  • Guragai B., Hunt, N., Neri M., and Taylor, E.Z. (2016) “Accounting information systems and ethics research: Review, synthesis, and the future” Journal of Information Systems, 31(2): Published online early.
  • Taylor, E., Curtis, M. B. (2013) “Whistleblowing in audit firms: Organizational response and power distance” Behavioral Research in Accounting, 25(2), 21-43
  • Bartley, J., Chen, Y. S., Taylor, E. (2011) A Comparison of XBRL Filings to Corporate 10-Ks – Evidence from the Voluntary Filing Program. Accounting Horizons. 25(2), 227-245
  • Taylor, E., Curtis, M. B. (2010). An Examination of the Layers of Workplace Influences in Ethical Judgments: Whistleblowing Likelihood and Perseverance in Public Accounting. Journal of Business Ethics, 93(1), 21-37.
  • Taylor, E., Murthy, U. S. (2009). Knowledge Sharing Among Accounting Academics in an Electronic Network of Practice. Accounting Horizons, 23(2), 151-180.