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Josh Agner

Director of Business Services

Allison Anthony

Assistant Director of Master of Management, Marketing Analytics

Jay Arrington

Associate Director of Admissions

Rokeya Begum

Accounting Specialist

Tayah Butler

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Charles Canteen

Director of Online Marketing and Web Systems

Jenny Champ

Associate Director of Admissions

Lisa Chang

Director of Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization and Lecturer

Brian Clark

Executive Director of Development and External Relations

Jason DeRousie

Director of Curriculum and Academic Programs

Franklin Finch

Director of Information Technology

Julie Brunson Fleming

Director of Advising and Student Affairs

Ellen Frost

Associate Director of Global Programs

Gabriel Gonzalez Orta

Program Manager, Entrepreneurship Clinic

Megan Grubb

Assistant Director of Scheduling and Academic Programs

Jenny Hammond

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Kelly Hardy

Associate Director of Student Programs and Career Services

Caren Howley

Associate Director of Career Center (Jenkins Graduate Programs)

John Hutchings

Associate Director, Career Center (Jenkins Graduate Programs)

Riley Hutchison

Assistant Director of MBA Admissions

Anne Clark Lau

Associate Director of Development

Matt LoJacono

Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Student Affairs

E.C. Mabe

Systems Programmer/Analyst

Jennifer McLamb

Assistant Director for Academic Advising

Maggie Merry

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration

Nichole Miller

Assistant Dean of Jenkins MBA Programs

Jessica Moran

Assistant Director of Academic Programs

Vilma Mueller

Assistant Director of Advising and Student Affairs

Brian Newton

Director, Career Center (Undergraduate Programs)

Troy Pinkins

Director of Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

Beverly Porter

Director of Career Center for Jenkins Graduate Programs

Maria Potepalova

Associate Director of Integrated Communications

Carson Powell

Marketing and Communications Manager

Terry K Price

Student Records and Academic Programs Coordinator

Janet Rakes

Assistant Director and Career Coach

Lynn Rasmussen

AV, IT & Classroom Technology Analyst

Kara Rodriguez

Social Media Specialist

Lewis Sheats

Assistant Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Clinic

Beth Shepherd

Director of Instructional Design

Brian Thomas

Director of Research Development and Administration

Adam Tompkins

Assistant Director of Marketing

Richard Warr

Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Deborah Wilkins

Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Student Affairs

Melusian Wright

Assistant Director of Advising Programs

Andrea Young

Associate Director of Marketing for Jenkins Graduate Programs

Stefani Ashkinazy

Assistant Director of Donor Relations

Michael Dixon

Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Kristin Siebenaler

Director of the Business Analytics Initiative

Tedd Szeto

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs