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Moksha Narayandas

In the fall of 2022, Moksha, a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing, traveled to Rouen, France to study at NEOMA Business School. She offers advice, encouragement, and perspective on her life-changing experience abroad.

Moksha enjoying the scenery of a French vineyard

Q: Why did you choose to study abroad?

A: I chose to study abroad because I have a passion for traveling and have never had the opportunity to go to Europe. I thought it would be a good idea to go, especially when I am young and in school, so that I can meet other people who are on the same journey as me. I chose Rouen specifically because of NEOMA [Business School]. It has a very good reputation for a business school and had the classes that I wanted.

Q: Did you explore any other places during your time abroad?

A: Yes. I traveled to Epernay, Bordeaux, Paris, Le Havre, Lourdes, and Mont Saint Michel. I also traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, Barcelona, Spain, and London, England.

Q: What was one of your favorite parts of the program?

A: I liked meeting new people from all over the world and traveling to different parts of France and Europe.

Q: What did studying abroad teach you?

A: It taught me so much. I was able to learn what I am capable of doing by myself and learning from the mistakes I made as well as learning about a different way of living. The work and educational culture is completely different in France. I was able to improve my French.

“[Study abroad] taught me that I am capable of doing a lot more than I think. It taught me patience and independence…”

Q: How did your study abroad experience prepare you for your future career?

A: I had to do many things alone and for the first time. I went to a new country and continent all by myself. I could not ask anyone for advice because I did not know any family members who went to Europe before me. I know more about financial management, travel tips, safety–things essential to traveling abroad. My future career is International Business, so I plan to do a lot of traveling. The classes I took in NEOMA were also helpful to understand the French way of life, and it is always good to learn about different perspectives and cultures.

Q: Were you surprised by anything during your time abroad?

A: Yes, I was surprised by the education system in France. It was more laid back and less stressful than how we teach in the US. I actually had time to do other things that I wanted to do and balance my social and academic life well. I enjoyed the structure of the classes. There were so many group projects, which were not my favorite; but it can be fun since you are working with many international students.

Q: How was the international university experience different from your experience at NC State?

A: The academic structure was completely different and, in my opinion, better. I was not stressed with many different things to do each week. The classes were long, but I only had my classes once a week. It gave me time to pursue my own interests and passions.

Moksha hanging out with friends

Q: What was it like living abroad for a semester? What did it teach you about yourself?

A: I loved living abroad for a semester. I made friends who I will never forget. It taught me that I am capable of doing a lot more than I think. It taught me patience and independence because I was oceans away from everyone I knew in a brand new country where I was not fluent in the language.

Q: What advice do you have for future study abroad students?

A: Do as much research as you can. Save your money before you study abroad. Talk to the people who studied abroad in your location before you.

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