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Is there a cost to sign up for the seminars?

No, the seminar series is free.

Yes, each seminar will be delivered live via Zoom with students from all five schools participating.

The Fall 2021 seminars are scheduled for 9:00 AM or 8:00 AM (EST) on select Wednesdays in October and November. Please see the Fall 2021 page for details.

Seminars can be up to 90 minutes (but no longer).

Each seminar will include some type of discussion and a question-and-answer (Q&A) portion.

Yes, we plan to record each Zoom session and make all sessions available on the Global Programs website.

No, academic credit is not available as there are no graded assignments or assessments.

No, the professors will not require any pre-reading, but they may share some materials during the session that you can read afterward if you’re interested.

Yes, the seminar series is open to both undergraduate and graduate students but priority will be given to Poole upperclassmen and graduate students.

Yes, we do have a limit of approximately 20 students from each partnering university. If space from other partners is not used, we may be able to accommodate more students.

Yes, we plan to incorporate breakout rooms and digital boards to provide students the opportunity to engage and connect.

Yes, students who are not majoring in Poole can sign-up, but they should have a general understanding of business by having read business press like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomsburg, etc. If you have no understanding of business, you may not find the seminars beneficial. Please also keep in mind that we will give priority to Poole students.