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Basiru Usman

Teaching Assistant Professor

Department of Business Management

Nelson 2311


Basiru Usman joins Poole College from Auburn University as a teaching assistant professor in the business management department. Usman is currently working towards his doctorate degree, focusing his research on the neural network and the mathematics behind consumer decision making. He will be teaching predictive analytics for business this coming fall semester and is looking forward to implementing real-world applications in the classroom. Usman received his Bachelor of Science in mathematics in 2012 and his Master of Science in applied mathematics in 2014 back home in Nigeria before coming to the United States.

Follow Basiru Usman on Twitter @BasiruU36475183.


Bachelor of Science Mathematics Bayero University 2012

Master of Science Applied Mathematics African University of Science and Technology 2014

Master's Degree Data Science Auburn University 2020

PhD Applied Mathematics Auburn University 2020