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Haley Huie

Director of the Entrepreneurship Clinic

Professor of Practice

Department of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Huie brings a variety of industry experience beginning as a journalist in northern Virginia, an advisor and instructor in higher education and as a business and strategy consultant for a school group on the west coast. Most recently, she spent her time in student-facing programs at NC State in her role as director for experiential learning where she had the chance to build the living-learning community for student entrepreneurs at NC State. She led other signature programs such as the Entrepreneurship Garage, Jump Start summer camp and helped begin the annual Make-A-Thon sustainability challenge on campus.

In her role as director, Huie will work with partner organizations to create projects within the Clinic to provide hands-on opportunities for students to apply entrepreneurial skills to create value for our community through the MIE 410, 418 and 419 courses that she teaches. In the summer, she will run the summer Andrews Launch Accelerator and spend the majority of her time in the community to support the local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem through mentorship, venture coaching, service work and program delivery.