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Julie Earp

Associate Professor of Information Technology

Graduate Faculty

Department of Business Management

Nelson Hall 1344



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Ph.D., Informational Technology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1997)

Area(s) of Expertise

Internet Security and Privacy, Networking, Artificial Intelligence

Research Publications

  • Bradford, M., Earp, J.B. Willilams, P.F., (2014) Sustainability Reports: What Do Stakeholders Really Want?. Management Accounting Quarterly, 16(1), 13-18.
  • Bradford, M., Earp, J.B. (2014) Centralized End-to-End Identity and Access Management and ERP Systems: A Multi-Case Analysis using the Technology Organization Environment Framework, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 15(2), 149-165
  • Anton, A., Earp, J.B. (2010) How Internet Users’ Privacy Concerns Have Evolved Since 2002, 8(1), 21-27
  • Baumer, D.L., Poindexter Jr., J.C., Earp, J.B., (2007) Can Regulation of Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products Coexist with Advances in Information Technology?, 11, 1-11
  • Anton, A., Earp, J. B., Vail, M., Jain, N., Frink, J., Gheen, C. (2007). An Analysis of Web Site Privacy Policy Evolution in the Presence of HIPAA. IEEE Security and Privacy, 45-52.
  • Poindexter Jr., J. C., Earp, J. B., Baumer, D. L. (2006). An Experimental Economics Approach Toward Quantifying Online Privacy Choices. Information System Frontiers, 8(5), 363-374.
  • Earp, J. B., Payton, F. C. (2006). Information Privacy in the Service Sector: An Exploratory Study of Health Care and Banking Professionals. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 16(2), 105-122.
  • Innovative Web Use to Learn about Consumer Behavior and Online Privacy, Julia B. Earp and David Baumer. Communications of the ACM. v.46, n.4, April 2003, pp.81-83.
  • Tit for Tat in Cyberspace: Consumer and Web Site Reponses to Anarchy in the Market for Personal Information, David Baumer, Julia B. Earp and Pamela S. Evers. UNC Journal of Law and Technology, v.4, n. 2, Spring, 2003, pp.217-274.
  • Privacy of Medical Records: IT Implications of HIPAA, David Baumer, Julia B. Earp and Fay C. Payton. ACM Computers and Society, v.30, n.4, Dec. 2000, pp.40-47.
  • A Framework for Fuzzy GDSS, Reza Barkhi and Julia B. Earp. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems, 2001, pp.121-132.
  • Dirty Laundry: Privacy Issues for IT Professionals, Julia B. Earp and Fay C. Payton. IEEE IT Professional, v.2 no2, March/April, 2000 pp.51-54.