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Karlyn Mitchell

Associate Professor of Finance

Area Coordinator, Finance, Graduate Faculty

Department of Business Management

Nelson Hall 4122



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Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan (1982)

Area(s) of Expertise

Corporate finance, entrepreneurial finance, financial markets and institutions

Research Publications

  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce, “Lending Technologies, Lending specialization and Minority Access to Small-Business Loans,” Small Business Economics (forthcoming).
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce. “Professional Forecasters and Okun’s Law” Journal of Musashi University, 57 (December 2009), 25-52.
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce, “Do Wall Street Economists Believe in Okun’s Law and the Taylor Rule?” Journal of Economics and Finance (forthcoming)
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce. “Professional Forecasts of Interest Rates and Exchange Rates: Evidence from the Wall Street Journal’s Panel of Economists.” Journal of Macroeconomics. 29 (December 2007), 840-854.
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce, “Can Business Economists Predict Interest-Rate or Exchange-Rate Movements?” Corporate Finance Review, 10(6) 15-27:
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce,“Which loans are relationship loans? Evidence from the 1998 Survey of Small Business Finances,” The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures. 9 (October 2004), 1-36.
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Nur M. Onvural, “Economies of Scale and Scope at Large Commercial Banks: Evidence from the Fourier Flexible Functional Form,” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 28 (May 1996), 178-199.
  • Karlyn Mitchell, “The Debt Maturity Choice: An Empirical Investigation,” The Journal of Financial Research 16 (Winter 1993), 309-320.
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce, “Discount Window Borrowing Across Federal Reserve Districts: Evidence Under Contermporaneous Reserve Accounting,” Journal of Banking and Finance 16 (1992), 771-790.
  • Karlyn Mitchell and Michael D. McDade, “Preferred Habitat, Taxable/Tax-Exempt Yield Spreads and Cycles in Property/Liability Insurance,” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 24 (November 1992), 528-552.
  • Karlyn Mitchell. “The Call, sinking fund, and Term to Maturity Features of Corporate Bonds: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (June 1991), 201-222.