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Michael Dixon

Director of Admissions and Recruitment


Jenkins MBA Program


Dixon began his professional career in education as a high school Spanish teacher at Cary High School before traveling across the globe to Incheon, South Korea, to become a K-12 English teacher for a year. He then taught Spanish at Millbrook High School for two years after returning home from South Korea. He later transitioned to higher education by working in international and scholars offices at New York University and Columbia University for three years before joining the Columbia Business School as the assistant director of admissions.

As the associate director of admissions and recruitment, Dixon will be working collaboratively with the admissions team to drive strategic outreach, evaluation and yield-related activities for all Jenkins MBA programs. He will also be managing the recruitment strategy and providing extensive one-on-one contact with prospective students via in-person interactions, as well as via phone, virtual and email correspondence to respond to program inquiries and provide support throughout the application process.


Bachelor of Arts Education North Carolina State University 2009

Bachelor of Arts Spanish North Carolina State University 2009

Master of Arts International Education New York University 2015