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Spain: Marketing

The Global Programs team in Poole is pleased to announce the planned study abroad programs for Summer 2022. Applications are now open!

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Designed for all Poole majors and minors and open to all NC State students, this Maymester program allows students to explore how business differs in Europe while gaining an introduction to the discipline of marketing in the Spanish context. The program includes corporate visits, guest speakers by local faculty, and a day excursions to see local businesses implementing marketing into their business strategies.

Program Dates

May 10 – June 3, 2022

Commit deadline: March 15th


Seville, Spain

Program Cost



BUS 360 | Marketing Methods
Examination of decisions affecting marketing of goods and services in consumer, industrial and international markets. Emphasis on the role of marketing in a managerial context. Areas studied include: the activities of marketing research, identification of marketing opportunities, and the development of marketing mix strategies including the decisions concerning pricing, distribution, promotion and product design.

M 380 | Doing Business Globally (Spain)
This experiential course combines in-class learning with out-of-classroom experiences to learn how business is done in Spain from multiple perspectives. *The M 380 course fulfills 3 credits of the interdisciplinary degree requirements for all NC State students. In addition, it counts as an elective for the business administration minor.


MIE 201: Introduction to Business Processes
Pre-requisites must be successfully completed before the start of the program. Students are able to apply to the program before they are enrolled in or while they are enrolled in the pre-requisite course. Acceptance to the program is conditional on the student enrolling in the pre-requisite and then successfully completing the course before the start of the program. 

If a student fails the pre-requisite course and is not able to repeat the course before the start of the program, he or she will be required to withdraw from the program and the refund/withdrawal policy will come into effect. Exceptions to the refund/withdrawal policy will not be made due to a student’s failure to pass the pre-requisite course. 

Academic Considerations

  • All courses are NC State courses and the grade earned in the course will count toward NC State GPA.
  • Review your degree audit to determine how courses will count for your major or minor. This program is designed for Poole majors and minors but all NC State students, who meet the prerequisites, are welcome to apply.

Calendar & Excursions

While living and studying in Seville, a beautiful town in southern Spain, students experience the city’s culture, a combination of European inspiration and Arabic heritage, by touring the major sights, participating in flamenco, and tasting the local cuisine.

Enjoy this video highlighting the program and its benefits. Please note that footage was gathered when the program was located in Argentina.