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Steven Allen

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research

Professor, Graduate Faculty

Nelson Hall 2126



Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University, (1978)


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Department and Affiliations

Department of Economics | Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Area(s) of Expertise

Labor Economics, Collective Bargaining, Human Resource Management

Research Publications

  • “The Role of Financial Literacy in Determining Retirement Plans,” Economic Inquiry, forthcoming 2011, with Robert Clark and Melinda Morrill
  • “Service Science, Management and Engineering Curricula and Research at NC State University,” chapter in Service Science, Management and Engineering: Education for the 21st Century, Bill Hefley, Wendy Murphy, ed., July 2008
  • “Phasing Into Retirement,” Industrial and Labor Relations, October 2004, with Robert Clark and Linda Ghent.
  • “Phasing Into Retirement,” NBER Working Paper No. 9779, June 2003, with Robert Clark and Linda Ghent.
  • “Technology and the Wage Structure,” Journal of Labor Economics, April 2001, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 440-483.
  • “Has Job Stability Vanished in Large Corporations?” in David Neumark, ed., On the Job: Is Long-Term Employment a Thing of the Past? New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2000, pp. 196-223, with Robert L. Clark and Sylvester Schieber.
  • Adriana Cassoni, Steven G. Allen, and Gaston Labadie, “The Effects of Unions on Employment: Evidence from an Unnatural Experiment in Uruguay,”* NBER Working Paper No. 7501, January 2000.
  • Steven G. Allen, “Updated Notes on the Interindustry Wage Structure,” Industrial and Labor Relations Review, January 1995, pp. 305-321.
  • Steven G. Allen, Robert L. Clark, and Ann McDermed, “Pensions, Bonding, and Lifetime Jobs,” Journal of Human Resources, Summer 1993, pp. 463-481
  • “Changes in the Cyclical Sensitivity of Wages in the United States, 1891-1987,” American Economic Review, March 1992, pp. 122-140.
  • Steven G. Allen, “Can Union Labor Ever Cost Less?” Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 1987, pp. 347373.