Diversity and Inclusion

Our graduates will leave Poole College able to foster and facilitate an environment of inclusivity and positive inter-cultural communication and interaction, especially in the context of today’s global business world.

19 successful initiatives

During the 2017-2018 academic year the diversity and inclusion team supported 19 individual initiatives

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Native American Heritage Display Dedication

Learn more of the history of native people in North Carolina. Meet the designers and owners of Scuffletown Suppliers who donated the new third-floor display case.

Find your place in Poole!

Poole College of Management proudly supports four identity based student organizations and many more that align with your academic and career interets

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20% Domestic Minority

40% Female and 17% First in Families to Attend College

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83% of students

Our students responded they are ready to intentionally engage in developing the tools to understand, appreciate, respect and value personal and cultural diversity and diversity of thought and experience.