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Marketing Concentration

Marketing is an essential function of business – driving sales and building awareness for all forms of organizations: from major corporations and marketing agencies to non-profit organizations. As the world continues to evolve, and business along with it, integrated marketing professionals with diverse, interdisciplinary skills are in high demand. Companies recognize that their approach to reaching customers must adapt and they are seeking innovative marketing professionals to propel business forward.

About Our Program

Poole College’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing provides students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing, along with the skills necessary for effective decision making in a competitive and diverse business environment. The program’s curriculum offers a foundation of business concepts and practices, as well as the leadership skills to excel in careers where products, markets and technology are rapidly changing. 

Students complete core courses in business functions, as well as specialized courses in business strategy, marketing methods, product and brand management and digital marketing.

Poole’s marketing concentration will allow students to develop key communication, analytical and research skills that will help them to launch new business ideas and succeed in management positions.

What Will I Learn?

Marketing concentration graduates will understand how to:

  • Organize and express ideas using appropriate language and grammar in a business context
  • Organize, analyze and apply information to make business decisions
  • Promote and sell products and services – both traditionally and digitally
  • Develop new products and manage existing brands
  • Make pricing decisions
  • Manage marketing channels, products and brands
  • Promote products using digital marketing tools including SEO, paid search and social media
  • Conduct data analysis using industry relevant metrics
  • Understand and predict consumers’ needs in the marketplace
  • Conduct marketing research
  • Develop marketing strategy

Learning and Competing at International Conference

Nineteen members of the NC State University’s collegiate AMA Chapter attended the American Marketing Association’s 41st International Collegiate Conference, “Market Ambitiously,” in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Why Marketing at NC State?

Consistent with NC State’s Think and Do mantra, there is an emphasis within our marketing curriculum on real world application.

This can be most readily observed through our practicum offerings but is also a theme through other concentration courses where students are developing their knowledge base and applying it through projects for real companies, as well as other application focused exercises such as simulations and case studies.

We have a strong connection with industry partners ensuring students are learning skills valuable for post-graduate employment.

We have guest speakers, career workshops, networking events, an AMA Regional Conference, as well as our own student-led marketing agency called CMS Consulting to allow our members various avenues to pursue their professional development.

Kayla Brown

Senior and Chief Operating Officer of CMS Consulting, NC State AMA’s Student-Run Agency

Poole’s marketing faculty provide valuable insights that come from their extensive industry experience combined with relevant research on timely issues such as consumer behavior, product development, social media marketing and brand loyalty. Faculty also engage regularly with students through active student organizations such as the American Marketing Association at NC State – the largest business organization on campus. For students who want to get additional hands-on experience with clients, the CMS Agency is a student-run marketing agency that provides participants with the opportunity to work on projects such as content creation, market research and analysis, branding and design.

Curriculum Overview and Degree Requirements

Students start their time at NC State Poole College of Management as either a management first year student (if you are a freshman) or in a major (if you are a transfer student). Regardless of your path, you will have plenty of time to explore the different things you want to do in business and marketing.

Poole College’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing requires that students complete 120 credits towards the degree, comprised of courses in humanities and social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, general electives and credits specific to the marketing concentration program.

Students also get a broad education in key business areas by taking core courses in finance, human resources management, entrepreneurship, and operations and supply chain management.

Business Administration major – Marketing concentration requirements include 46 credits:

  • Core Business Courses (34 credits), including MIE 201 Introduction to Business Processes, BUS 360 Marketing Methods and MIE 480 Business Policy and Strategy.
  • Marketing Requirements (3 credits): BUS 462 Marketing Research
  • Marketing Electives (9 credits), including BUS 460 Consumer Behavior, BUS 465 Traditional and Digital Brand Promotion and BUS 466 Personal Selling

For full degree requirements, visit the NC State Catalog. To view individual courses, descriptions and schedules, use the Course Search.

Career Opportunities in Marketing

Many students are drawn to jobs in marketing because of the industry diversity and the continuing evolution and abundance of career opportunities. The average reported annual salary of graduates from Poole’s marketing concentration is $54,375, as of May 2021.

Careers include:

  • Content marketing coordinator
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Brand and product manager 
  • Associate sales representative
  • Project manager
  • Media planner
  • Communications director
  • Social media manager
  • Business development representative
  • … and more!

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